A building contractor in the Black Forest vandalized a new building complex with around 30 residential units with an excavator.

This resulted in damage of around half a million euros, as the police announced on Thursday.

As the reason for the destruction in Blumberg (Schwarzwald-Baar district), the 47-year-old man allegedly stated unjustly withheld payments by the client.

Probably out of “frustration”, as a police spokesman said, the man tore down several balconies with the tracked vehicle on Wednesday evening and destroyed parts of the building facade.

He also damaged garages that had gas bottles on them.

The police had cordoned off a large area of ​​the area, as the damaged containers might pose a risk of explosion: "Although there were no people in the building, the action attracted around 50 onlookers."

After the orgy of destruction, the contractor sat in his car and drove away.

Shortly afterwards he reported to the police.

He is now being charged with property damage, as the police spokesman said.

Various media, including the SWR, showed corresponding film recordings on their websites on Thursday.