After their meeting with Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace and their flight with the Patrouille de France on July 14, they chained up the challenges.

This Wednesday, Mcfly and Carlito unveiled the teaser of the crossing of the Mediterranean by oar that they will undertake in September.

"This is by far the most difficult challenge we have considered," Carlito wrote on his Twitter account.

While promising that they will do everything to "broadcast it live", the two youtubers have a series of burpees, push-ups and rowing workouts on video.

This performance is the result of their loss in

YouTube Warrior 5

against Michou and Inoxtag.

Last September, the two videographers challenged them to reach Corsica from the south of France in a small boat.

To get there, they will have to spend the night at sea since the crossing will take about 50 hours.

Three pairs of oars for two men

According to the Redbull site, which provides "the support, logistics and strength" for this upcoming video according to Carlito, the two youtubers will sail aboard a boat used for the transatlantic race of the "Oars Guyana", long 8 meters wide and a maximum of 1m60 wide.

While it is not yet clear where Mcfly and Carlito will be starting from, it is estimated that they will have to travel around 200 kilometers to Calvi.

Rest assured, everything is planned in case of concern.

A distress beacon, survival suits, a foghorn or even a medical kit will be on board their boat.

And if they accidentally break their oars, don't panic, they'll have three pairs with them.


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