[Explanation] Recently, a continuous heavy rain raided Henan, and the people's soldiers worked hard to fight floods day and night.

Recently, experts from the Affiliated Hospital of the Henan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine came to the station of the rescue team of a certain Rocket Army to conduct a free consultation.

  [Simultaneous on-site] After pulling out, the muscles will relax a little, so you must relax after you come down.

  [Explanation] During continuous rescue operations, most of the officers and men lived on the floor and worked in the damp basement to dredge. Some officers and men felt unwell.

The Affiliated Hospital of Henan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine carefully selected TCM experts to take acupuncture, moxibustion, scraping, and cupping, so that officers and soldiers temporarily relieved physical pain.

  [Explanation] The nurse Xie Lina treated more than 10 soldiers one after another in the morning. The sweat soaked her clothes, but she still insisted on working.

At the same time, a low-frequency therapeutic instrument is used for physical therapy for officers and soldiers to regulate and dredge the veins.

  [Concurrent] Chang Yuebo, a soldier of a rescue team of the Rocket Army

  We have been working overtime all day and night, and our body is particularly exhausted, including many people's waists, including shoulders, with different symptoms of pain, redness and swelling.

The medical staff came in very timely and gave us acupuncture, cupping and Gua Sha. I just finished cupping and scraped me Gu Sha. The effect was very good. The warmth was delivered in time. I will put it in in a better state. In the next step of work.

  [Commentary] The children are rescued on the front line, and the people in the rear give full support.

The Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine also sent plasters, anti-insomnia sachets, medical cotton swabs and other medical supplies in response to the discomfort of the officers and soldiers on the front line of the flood fighting.

  [Concurrent] Xue Airong, Chief Physician, Affiliated Hospital of Henan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  As a Chinese medicine hospital, we are thinking about how to solve our officers and soldiers (physical discomfort) to quickly restore his strength and solve his pain, so that we can also be regarded as our strength for fighting floods.

  Li Chaoqing, Guo Yanbo, Chen Shifeng reports from Henan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】