AKMU's Lee Chan-hyuk revealed his beliefs about the stage by explaining the 'GD disease controversy', which has been a hot topic recently.

Chanhyuk Lee appeared as a guest on the MBC entertainment program 'Radio Star', which was broadcast yesterday (28th).

On this day's broadcast, Lee Chan-hyuk, who was asked by the MCs, "I heard that you are on the path of GD (G-Dragon)", explained about his stage in the recent 'GD disease controversy'.

Lee Chan-hyuk said, "It was a stage that needed decadent beauty. While performing, I felt, 'This is freedom, this is who I am'", but netizens who saw the stage at the time said, "Soohyun who swallowed a CD and Chanhyuk who swallowed a GD" He pleasantly expressed his somewhat surprised (?) feeling at Lee Chan-hyuk's change by leaving a comment saying, ".

Regarding this, Chanhyuk Lee said, "If I'm going to live my life like this, I thought I'd have to explode at some point. I created and expressed my own vibe step by step." "I've only met GD three times in 10 years in the same company. I didn't copy it. . Because you did all the cool things," he explained.

Chanhyuk Lee also went through some conflicts, such as telling his younger brother Soohyun Lee, who had a different stage style from him, "We are in the same group, but shouldn't we be together? We shouldn't perform like that. It's an amateur spirit." And he said he was getting along.

At the same time, Chanhyuk Lee revealed his belief on the stage, saying, "If you want to lie down, lie down, and I think that's really cool." .

Netizens responded to this, saying, "It's what Chanhyuk wants to do. That's your music and art", "I hope Chanhyuk can feel his emotions and freedom. Because all the songs that come out like that are masterpieces", "I'm curious about Chanhyuk, who holds each and plays rock music. Centipede", etc. are showing various reactions.

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