Singer Ha-on Jang, from 'Miss Trot 2', was pointed out as a female singer who offered to buy sex from her fans, and she denied it.

Recently, when a netizen commented on Jang Ha-on's SNS saying, "Is it 30 million won (prostitution) true?", he replied, "It's a lie."

Earlier, on an online community, an article was posted saying, "I received an offer from the agency of a singer and Internet broadcast host who appeared on a famous program, 'If you give me 30 million won, I can spend the night with this singer'." The author claimed, "I turned down the offer and received threats and conciliation several times."

According to the post, the author was watching singer A's Internet broadcast in April and sponsored it as a fan. After that, I contacted Mr. A first and met Mr. A and Mr. B, the representative of the agency, privately. In the process, Mr. B offered to invest in the company, and the author refused. Not only that, he also claimed that he had sent a picture of his bankbook via text message by suggesting a one night stay with Mr.

Some netizens who came across this pointed out Jang Ha-on from 'Miss Trot 2' as a person who appeared on a famous program and is doing African BJ activities.

As rumors spread and inquiries through SNS continued, it seems that Jang Ha-on was directly evolving. All of these comments have now been deleted.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)