It would be nice to take a break from the heat at night, but it feels hotter.

During the day, strong sunlight takes away some of the water vapor, but at night, there is no sunlight, so the humidity is higher.

Currently, the relative humidity in Seoul is 80%, which is quite high compared to yesterday's 60% in the daytime.

Therefore, the sensible temperature is about 3 to 4 degrees higher than the current temperature.

Heat wave warnings have been expanded and strengthened in the eastern region.

This is because the wind from the south pushes the hot and humid air, so you should take good care of your health in the sweltering heat.

Atmospheric instability, centered in the eastern inland, may cause thunder and lightning accompanied by loud showers at times.

Today (30th) there will be clouds all over the country, and it will rain occasionally in the afternoon in Jeju.

In the West Sea and Jeju Sea, you should be careful about sea fog, and in the east coast, there are times when there are strong waves.

Rain is frequent from tomorrow to next week, and although the temperature drops slightly, the humidity is high and the muggy days will continue.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)