The prequel to the

Die Hard

film series, which would take place before the first part from 1988, is definitively off the track.

That is what producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura tells website



Di Bonaventura has given no reason for the film's cancellation.

Film studio Fox announced the prequel in 2015.

American actor Bruce Willis (66), who played the lead role of John McClane in the

Die Hard

films, would also be seen in this prequel.

Whether Disney, which has bought Fox, has plans for another part, Di Bonaventura does not know.

"I have no idea what their plans are," said the producer in the interview.

The plan was to introduce a new face as the young version of McClane.

Di Bonaventure.

“The interesting thing about our idea was that you could meet the young John McClane and use Bruce to do that.

So that way it was really interesting.

You got to see two versions of him, as it were.”


Die Hard

movies revolve around the movie character Detective McClane, who offers rescue in dire hostage situations. After the first part in 1988, four more films were made:

Die Hard 2


Die Hard with a Vengeance


Live Free or Die Hard

(2007) and

A Good Day to Die Hard