While the number of infected people per day has reached a record high not only in Tokyo but also in the whole country, an expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was held to advise on measures against the new coronavirus, and it will expand rapidly nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. An analysis was conducted on the status of infection and the status of the medical system where there is concern about tightness.

If you more to have been shown at the meeting materials,

new infections number of persons, in one week to 27 days compared with the previous week,

it has increased significantly from 1.54 times in the ▽ across the country,

has emergency declaration is issued

▽ The

pace of increase is rapidly increasing

, 1.49 times in Tokyo

and 2.15 times in Okinawa.

In each prefecture in the Tokyo metropolitan area,

▽ Saitama prefecture is 1.58 times,

▽ Chiba prefecture is 1.48 times, and

▽ Kanagawa prefecture is 1.37 times.

In Kansai, the same tendency is


▽ Osaka prefecture is 1.52 times,

▽ Kyoto prefecture is 1.71 times,

▽ Hyogo prefecture is 1.46 times.

Infections are spreading rapidly in various places,

such as

2.18 times in Ishikawa

prefecture and 2.20 times in Fukuoka prefecture.

Looking at the

current infection status in

the last week per 100,000 population,

▽ Tokyo has 88.63,

▽ Okinawa has 82.59,

▽ Kanagawa has 45.44,

▽ Saitama has 42.57,

▽ Chiba prefecture has 39.51 people,

▽ Ishikawa prefecture has 38.05 people,

▽ Osaka prefecture has 36.33 people,


▽ nationwide has 28.05 people,

which exceeds the 25 people who are the most serious infection situation of "Stage 4".

In addition, it is estimated that the highly infectious mutant virus "Delta strain" has already accounted for about 77% of all infections in Tokyo, and at the meeting, it will stop the rapid spread of infection, so the number of people will be greatly reduced. Discussions were held on the need for countermeasures and countermeasures based on the rapidly expanding spread of "Delta stocks".

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura "The impact of Delta shares is quite large."

At the beginning of the expert meeting, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura said, "The number of infected people in Tokyo has exceeded 3,000 today, and it is growing significantly. It is also growing rapidly in the three prefectures of the Tokyo metropolitan area, so we have to take it firmly. At the same time, there is a rapid re-expansion in Osaka, and the number of infected people is increasing in a considerable area nationwide. "

On top of that, "In Tokyo, more than two weeks have passed since the emergency measures were taken, and the population staying at night has decreased slightly. However, the growth of this infection shows that the impact of" Delta strains "is quite large. Until now. If the flow of people subsided, the growth of the infection would slow down to some extent, but that is not the case. Despite the fact that emergency measures are being issued, what should be done about this infection situation? I would like to hear your opinions. "