He did not go there by four ways.

Speaking of "the sadness of the situation in Martinique", of "

masterful rebound from which we are suffering, from the explosion of the hospital, the persistent hesitation of part of the population in the face of the vaccine, ”the prefect Stanislas Cazelles announced a new three-week confinement.

It will take effect at 7 p.m. Friday, with the aim of stemming the new epidemic outbreak of the coronavirus.

🔴Faced with a 4th wave (positivity of 16.4%), the prefect of Martinique announces:

- new confinement for 3 weeks from Friday 7 p.m.

- certificate for trips> 10 km

- curfew at 7 p.m.

- shops open including non- essentials (with mask wearing) #martinique pic.twitter.com/8vckU7JxeR

- Philippe Berry (@ptiberry) July 28, 2021

According to him, the island is facing a fourth wave which “largely” exceeds the previous peaks, with 3,537 cases recorded last week and already more than 1,100 for the current one, with a positivity four times higher than the national average (16 , 4% against 4.1%).

7 p.m. curfew

In practice, a certificate will be necessary for all trips of more than 10 km.

The curfew will be brought forward to 7 p.m. and teleworking recommended.

Main difference with the previous confinement: shops, without distinction between essential and non-essential, will be able to remain open provided that the wearing of the mask can be guaranteed.

According to the prefect, "most cultural activities can be continued with a mask" and places of worship will be able to open their doors.

On the other hand, “activities without a mask, mainly restaurants, sports halls, indoor sports venues will not be able to continue their activity”.

Faced with the economic impact, the partial activity measures and the solidarity fund will be maintained.

Martinique is not the only hot spot.

The situation is deteriorating almost everywhere overseas.

On Wednesday, a state of emergency was declared in Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy.

In Martinique, only 52,334 people, or 16% of the population aged 12 and over, are fully vaccinated, compared to more than 50% nationally.


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