Fourteen thousand scientists conclude, based on research into the state of the earth, that now is really the time to act against a "climate emergency".

The scientists accuse governments in the scientific journal


that they are doing too little to combat the "overexploitation of the earth".

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The scientists have studied 31 "vital signs" about the Earth's condition.

They examined the amount of deforestation, greenhouse gases, extreme weather and the thickness of permanent ice, among other things.

Eighteen signs would be at negative record highs or lows.

Despite a dip due to the corona pandemic, the proportion of methane and carbon dioxide in the air reached an all-time high in 2021, the scientists write.

The ice around Greenland and Antarctica is at its thinnest, melting 31 percent faster than in 2006.

According to the scientists, "evidence is mounting that multiple critical climate limits have been nearly reached or even exceeded".

They call on governments to take action with climate policy and climate education.

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