Out of the brother and sister duo akmyu won first place music charts with 'falling' were with IU, IU has released a new album akmyu involved in the story.

Yesterday (27) the ninth, IU pallet, published on the official YouTube channel, IU has appeared as a guest akmyu.

Akmu shared various stories about the collaboration album 'NEXT EPISODE', which was released on the 26th.

In particular, this collaboration Lee Chan-hyuk is on with IU neundeyo said that "creating a place meal was using" IU Pass "received seven years ago," The IU is given as a guest on "step two akmyu people in the concert as a guest who came to knock 'IU ticket, "he explained.

Yet IU is' Is this the song to us? "Laughed, but it hotang called" Activities for over 10 years and actually 'pass IU' with a man as akmyu ", listening to" drop "the first time He honestly said he was worried.

IU is the song that followed, "worried would not the other direction as did people expect, but there was akmyu convinced, was a challenge that can be, because now akmyu" and "So you can put a 'fall' together, and people are left I did ‘Apoo’ on my album,” revealing the behind-the-scenes.

Another day akmyu and IU has also unpacked a little misunderstanding (?) For the first collaboration work.

November 2014 akmyu visited concert guest IU is called "Frying dream" is a song by Lee Chan-hyuk was called to this work, the hidden state is not released in time after calling the scene "of the legendary song '.

In response, IU had puzzled said, " 'cause you have not released the dream of Fry'", Lee Chan-hyuk was embarrassed and explained, "I gave the song to his sister."

Both IU and akmyu will be released and did not think of that song together.

In the end, Lee Soo-hyun, who only now understood the meaning of 'Fry's Dream,' promised, "Now that I have inherited it, I will make sure to reveal it to the world."

AKMU's first collaboration album, 'Next Episode', received a warm response, including all the songs on the album after its release, entering the music charts.

AKMU's new album is also being praised for saying, "Akmu itself is a genre that expresses a unique sound and a solid narrative by making new attempts every time."

(Picture=Youtube 'Lee Now [IU Official]', Akmu Suhyun Instagram)


(SBS Entertainment News Jina Yoon Editor)