Martin Carlsson clearly remembers the first time he met Joey Jordison.

It was in Lisbon in 2001.

- The first thing he started talking about was blast beats, Swedish black metal bands and wanted me to put him in touch with Swedish black metal musicians, which I also did, he says.

20 years later came the tragic news that Joey Jordison had passed away, only 46 years old.

- I think he will be remembered because he was one of the leading figures in Slipknot, which is one of the biggest metal bands that emerged in the 2000s.

He was extremely musical and he wrote music for most of Slipknot's albums.

Deeply respected

Slipknot broke through with thunder and crashes in 1999 and was noticed for scandalous statements in the press and that they were nine people dressed in horror film-inspired masks, a concept that was new then.   

- But in all this chaos, Joey Jordison was the respected guy in the metal world.

All the while he wanted to meet young, hard and unknown musicians.

At the same time as Slipknot became a world band, he stayed pretty much on earth, says Martin Carlsson.   

Joey Jordison made many other collaborations on the metal scene and went on tour with many other bands.

Jump in with Metallica

One of his most notable appearances was with the American heavy metal band Metallica.

Martin Carlsson was present at the Download Festival in England and tells about Joey Jordison's amazing musicality.   

- By chance I happened to be behind the scenes just before Metallica was going up and then Joey sits with a lure and plays to learn the songs.

Then he gets up and plays eight songs with the world's biggest hard rock band in front of about 100,000 people and just smashes!

Joey Jordison has made musical impressions in the hard rock world that will live on for a long time to come, says Martin Karlsson.

- I think above all that he will be remembered as a musician who took blast beats to the masses and that he was one of the leading figures in one of the biggest hard rock bands in the first decades of the 2000s, he says.