China News Service, July 26. Recently, Guoman's "Youth Songs Traveling in Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon" held a pre-viewing event in Beijing.

On the same day, more than a hundred viewers, the creative team, the character Coser, and others watched the first four episodes of "Youth Song, Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon" together with advanced serial broadcasts and colored eggs.


  With the completion of the first season of Youth Songs, many comic fans have been full of longing and expectation for the second season of the work.

"Youth Song Xing" is adapted from Zhou Munan's original light novel of the same name, created by the Zhongying Niannian team.

  After the first season of Youth Song Action Painting was launched, it relied on the hardcore martial arts story line, compact plot rhythm, exquisite 3D picture quality and exquisite modeling, plus the blessing of many heavyweight CV lineups (Ajie, Zhao Yi, Chu Jun, Zhang Boheng, Wei Chao, etc.), attracted much attention.

  Since the launch of the first season, a total of 723 million views have occupied the TOP1 list in the national comics category, with a Douban score of 8.6. It has also won the "Shinguang Award" in the 8th Xi'an Original Animation Competition, China, and the "Best Emerging Animation Nomination Award" And many other awards, unanimously recognized by the industry.


  After the first season of "Youth Song Xing" became a "phenomenal" national comic, the second season ushered in a brand new upgrade.

On the one hand, the scenes are richer in visual details, the picture performance is more delicate, and the character look and feel is also more layered and realistic. On the other hand, there are more and more special effects scenes in the second season, and fighting scenes will be introduced. Give the audience a greater shock.

  In addition to the picture quality and special effects, the plot of the second season is more compact than the previous one, and the sublimation of the contradiction between the character's personality and the story will surely become a hot spot for fans.

  It is reported that "Youth Song Xing Feng Hua Xue Yue Pian" will be jointly broadcast on Youku and Bilibili dual platforms at 10:00 am every Wednesday from July 28.