China News Service, Lanzhou, July 27th (Reporter Wei Jianjun) A reporter learned from the Information Office of the Pingliang Municipal Government of Gansu on the 27th that a road traffic accident on the Qinglan Expressway in the city on the afternoon of the 26th has caused 13 deaths and 47 sent off. Medical examination and treatment.

At present, the on-site rescue work has ended and the roads have been fully unblocked. Pingliang City has established a "July 26" traffic accident emergency response work leading group to spare no effort to treat the wounded.

  After further verification, at about 14:10 on the 26th, Li, the driver of Zhumadian, Henan Province, drove the Yu AX5006 "Golden Travel" large-scale ordinary passenger car of Henan Qiming Tourist Automobile Service Co., Ltd. from Zhengyang County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province Departing for the Kangpu Company in Dagele Township, Golmud City, Qinghai Province, to pick goji berries. When driving from east to west to 1487 kilometers of Qinglan Expressway, the vehicle collided with the central isolation zone and rolled off the road.

  It is understood that the large-scale ordinary passenger car has an approved capacity of 63 people and an actual capacity of 63 people. The nature of the vehicle is tourist passenger transport. The inspection is valid until July 31, 2021.

The driver Li is 44 years old, from Xincai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, and holds an A1 motor vehicle driver's license.

  Up to now, the accident has caused 13 deaths (identity information is being further verified), the driver and the event organizer have been controlled and investigated by the public security organs, and the remaining 47 people have been sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. After all the in-patients were subjected to CT, X According to the light-film investigation and evaluation, all the inpatients were in stable condition and no life threatened for the time being.

  After the accident, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Ministry of Public Security and the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attached great importance to the accident and sent a working group to the scene to guide the investigation and follow-up of the accident.

The main person in charge of the Pingliang Municipal Government urgently held a "July 26" traffic accident emergency response work meeting at Jingchuan County People's Hospital on the evening of the 26th to make comprehensive arrangements and deployments for accident investigation, wounded treatment, and aftercare.

  Pingliang City Health and Health Commission is responsible for organizing the city’s medical backbones, concentrating high-quality medical resources, and setting up a medical expert team to do their best to conduct medical examinations, accurately judge injuries and diseases, and prevent life threats due to complications.

In accordance with the requirements of "one person, one case", formulate a treatment plan to ensure the strength of medical care and ensure that all necessary treatments are achieved.

  The Jingchuan County Government and the Kongtong District Government will take the lead and set up a task force to do a good job in communication and emotional counseling for the families of the injured, coordinating the implementation of hotels and other service places, and do a good job in the care of the injured, the comfort of their families, and the security of life.

  At the same time, accident investigations are carried out in accordance with laws and regulations. Pingliang City Public Security Traffic Police, Expressway, Traffic, and Emergency Departments are responsible for collecting professional forces to find out the accident through on-site inspection, investigation and evidence collection, testing and appraisal, and expert argumentation. Thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident, determine the nature of the accident, clarify the responsibility for the accident, and implement handling measures. (Finish)