“It looks like a bush.

"Macron has turned into a gardener.

Amused comments abound on Tuesday on a supposed photo showing the President of the Republic covered with wreaths of flowers on the tarmac of an airport, during a trip to Polynesia.


If Emmanuel Macron was well received during his trip to Tahiti in recent days with flower necklaces, he was not almost covered, as we see in the image.

This is actually a montage, the work of the Illuminati reptilian Twitter account, which has fun hijacking videos.

It is this Internet user who had already created a parody hijacking last year showing Celine Dion ignoring one of her fans.

In the original image, visible at the 55th second on this Euronews video, Emmanuel Macron wears five flower necklaces, which he received when he arrived at Papeete airport, on the island of Tahiti, on Sunday.

Emmanuel Macron must stay until Wednesday in the archipelago.

His visit focuses on Covid-19, the issue of French nuclear tests in the region, as well as the fight against cyclones and support for the Marquesas' candidacy for Unesco.


Polynesia: Why is Emmanuel Macron's visit to the Marquesas Islands good for his image?


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