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Abdullah Al Kaabi

28 July 2021

The Tokyo Olympics started, in the presence of a simple Emirati delegation, and whoever watched the entry of our delegation at the opening ceremony realizes that our sports situation is very difficult, and the question that imposes itself: What is the role of sports federations?!

Where is the project of making an Olympic champion?!

Do we blame the unions or what?

The problem is that our work is theoretical, and we are interested in conferences and statements, and our ambitions are still to participate only. I think that we must take a strict stance towards those concerned.

Planning is absent, and the goal is ambiguous. How can small countries with limited budgets win the three medals, and gain the admiration of everyone, despite their weak capabilities?!

The truth is that there is a challenge and determination to raise the flag of their countries in the Olympics, and to prove themselves, and from this point of view comes the determination of the champions to reap the gold, and whoever witnessed the Tunisian champions is fully aware that determination is the weapon of success, and the challenge is their goal.

The good Arab news came from Tokyo, that our Arab heroes won medals, whether for Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait or Jordan. We hope that all Arab countries will receive medals and achieve the most beautiful achievements.

Raising your country’s flag, and registering your name in Olympic history, are an irreplaceable historical moment. Ask Sheikh Ahmed bin Hasher, the owner of the Olympic achievement when he achieved gold in “Athens 2004.”

Emirates sport needs a pause, rearrangement, and frankness, because the situation is intolerable. We want people whose goal is to take the podiums, not just statements.

Unfortunately, our goal has become to participate in foreign tournaments only.

We urgently need to chart a path to the podiums and titles, as brother countries with limited capabilities have harvested gold and silver.

Sports federations have a great responsibility in this regard, and they are the ones who bear the responsibility for these sporting setbacks.

• Emirates sport needs a pause, rearrangement, and frankness.

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