As the infection with the new coronavirus spreads again, the health center in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, conducted an on-site inspection at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, where boxing competitions are held at the Olympic Games, and confirmed the status of infection control.

The Ryogoku Kokugikan, which is the venue for boxing at the Tokyo Olympics, is visited by a large number of people involved in the competition every day.

At the Sumida Ward Health Center, an on-site inspection will be conducted to confirm infection control measures in the venue, and the person in charge held a meeting on the 27th.

Then, while looking at the drawings of the venue, check that the concentration of carbon dioxide is measured to check the ventilation status and check the flow line when a fever comes out, and after measuring the temperature, Kokugikan I went to.

The ward is also confirming measures against food poisoning on another day, and will strengthen the measures so that the medical field will not be further strained.

Sumida Ward Health Center Director Toru Nishizuka said, "Amidst a series of infections among people involved in the tournament, we would like to help the health center to realize safe and secure tournament management and check with strict standards."