Four years ago, the Supreme Court ruled to dismiss the appeal in a trial of a defendant charged with attempted murder for stabbing two police officers with a knife in a house in Kanazawa City, and was guilty of canceling the innocence of the first instance. The decision of the two courts will be finalized.

In 2017, Rikiya Tsuji (41) of Kanazawa City was accused of attempted murder and other charges for piercing the faces of two police officers who visited his home for traffic violation paperwork with a survival knife and causing serious injuries. I was asked.

The defendant claimed that he was not in a state of criminal liability, and the first trial was acquitted, but the second trial, the Kanazawa branch of the Nagoya High Court, said last year, "The defendant responded to the police officer with a knife hidden. I knew that it was illegal to attack with a knife, "and sentenced him to three years in prison and five years in suspended sentence.

Regarding this, Takuya Miyama, the judge of the First Small Court of the Supreme Court, decided to dismiss the defendant's appeal by the 27th, and the judgment of the two courts convicted of the reversal will be finalized.