Female group drama is too routine

  In the hot airing "Northern Ruins", the protagonists are five women.

Since "Ode to Joy" and "Ode to Joy 2" became popular in 2016 and 2017, female group portrait dramas have become one of the outlets of the film and television market.

Especially in the past two years, female group portrait dramas have ushered in a blowout period. From domineering female presidents to housewives, from 20 to 60 years old, female images are active on the screen, creating a lot of hot dramas.

Coming to 2021, female group portrait dramas seem to have encountered a bottleneck. Among the nine female-themed dramas aired in the first half of the year, none of them have "breaking the circle".

  Qilu Evening News·Qilu One Point Reporter Li Rui

Female dramas are gaining momentum

  Women are the main consumer group of TV dramas. In recent years, the female market and the rise of "she" consciousness have made female-themed dramas extremely active.

Most of these dramas use girlfriends as the main character relationship, centering on topics such as workplace, family, life, love, and growth, and finally return to the theme of women's independence.

  The domestic female group portrait drama can be traced back to the "Pink Girl" broadcast in 2003. This comic drama about four single girls about friendship, love and career is the youthful memory of a generation. The four female images of heartthrob, man-in-law, and Hamei still seem outdated.

In recent years, the most memorable female group drama for the audience is "Ode to Joy", which was broadcast in 2016, featuring high IQ female boss Andy, rich girl Qu Xiaorong, ordinary girl Qiu Yingying, and the unhappy fan Shengmei of the native family and Guaiguai The "Five Beauties" composed of female Guan Juer is all the rage.

  2020 is the new year for female-themed dramas. Not only does the sister who rides the wind and waves go out of the circle, but also many dramas with high reputation and popularity have been born.

"Thirty Only" became the second hit drama after "Ode to Joy". In the play, the perfect wife Gu Jia on the upper level of the pyramid, the "Shanghai drift" beauty Wang Manni, and the standard majority Zhong Xiaoqin face a different life. problem.

In the "Twenty Not Confused" broadcast at the same time, the cold beauty Liang Shuang, the rich girl Duan Jiabao, the ordinary girl Jiang Xiaoguo, and Luo Yan, who has a strained family relationship, have different personalities. They are about the youthful vigor of a twenty-year-old girl who is about to enter the society. And confused.

The "Golden Years" broadcast at the end of the year also achieved a good reputation. Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun, who have different family backgrounds and different personalities, went through the trials of family, love, and workplace together. The love of girlfriends who supported each other and shared joys and sorrows was also very healed.

Homogeneous dramas are hard to get out of the circle

  "Amazing Girl", "He Doesn't Love You That", "Dear Self", "Imperfect She", "Old Girlfriends" and other female group portrait dramas are also being broadcast in 2020, and the issue of "homogenization" of the series is gradually Revealed.

Throughout this type of drama, there are nothing more than four elements: girlfriends, love, workplace and family difficulties, and personal growth.

The characters of the protagonist group are familiar to the audience. There must be the setting of glamorous elder sisters, high-cold strong women, ordinary ordinary girls, interspersed with rich and poor gaps, native families and other backgrounds. The plot is nothing more than workplace hard work, family chores, Douzha men and women grow up by themselves.

  This year's female group portrait drama seems to be "Exhausted Jiang Lang", the girls in the play are still walking on the road of "awakening, hard work, and growth" of women's independence. Both the plot and the character are too routine.

A familiar domineering female president appeared in "Positive Youth". Lin Ruili, played by Yin Tao, has short hair and red lips, walks with wind, and is determined to kill in the workplace; in the newly aired "I Really Love You" , Liu Tao once again played the role of a strong woman, it is difficult for people not to doubt whether it is "Andy" upper body.

Yin Tao's other female group drama "The Ideal Life of Love" is adapted from the original comic "Ster Girl" of "Pink Girl". Compared with the original manga of "Pink Girl", it has no bright spots compared to 20 years ago. I want to have both workplace dramas and light comedies. Catch it, but it didn't do a good job.

  Another group drama "Grow up with you" starring Liu Tao is combined with educational themes. There are several images of mothers in the play. Although the score is not high, the rich wife Lin Yunyun and Tao Xinran played by Ying Er are the housewives. Shen Xiaoyan has aroused a good enthusiasm, but has not jumped out of the previous routine.

  "I am with us" starring Sun Yi and Zhang Binbin has no splashes. "Life" and "Sudden Holidays" with mothers and daughters as female group portraits break through the previous model and are refreshing. However, because of the lack of social issues, it is also refreshing. It is harder to resonate with society.

Feng Xiaogang's first web drama "The North Zhe Nan Yuan" also chose the subject of female group portraits. Although it caused controversy, the unique style made this drama super hot, and there was no lonely crowd.

  Zhou Yutong, Ren Suxi, and Sun Qian starring in "I'm Very Good Away From Home" unexpectedly became the dark horse of this year's female group portrait drama. In addition to the actors' acting skills, it is worth talking about, and more importantly, the drama opens the episodes in the form of emotional dramas. It portrays the inside of the characters and makes many viewers empathize.

In the play, Hu Jingjing, played by Jin Jing, committed suicide. There was no big incident, but unemployment, good friends being forced to move, debt collection... all sorts of life trivialities followed one after another.

  Although female group portrait dramas are popular, this wave of dividends is not so easy to eat. It is still necessary to rely on deliberate and innovative stories to resonate emotionally with the audience.