The Italian band Maneskin, winner of the last Eurovision Song Contest, was honored in Rome on Tuesday.

Band members Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio were received at City Hall by Roman Mayor Virginia Raggi.

During the ceremony, Raggi praised the win and the fact that the quartet is now achieving success all over the world.

According to the mayor, the band has put Italian music back on the map.

After the meeting, the members appeared on the balcony of the town hall together with Raggi.

Maneskin was given a statuette of the Capitoline She-wolf, the symbol of Rome.

This token of recognition is considered the highest award in the Italian capital.

Maneskin started out in Rome as a street band and broke through after participating in the Italian version of

X Factor


The band won the Eurovision Song Contest at the end of May with the song

Zitti E Buoni

, with which Italy took the honors again after 31 years.

Since the Eurovision Song Contest, the group has been in the charts worldwide with various songs.

Their cover of


by The Four Seasons has been the most streamed record on Spotify for weeks.

In the meantime, the first preparations for next year's Eurovision Song Contest have been made in Italy.

Seventeen cities, including Rome, Milan and Florence, announced their intention to host cities last week.