I'm on the scene|Zhengzhou after the rainstorm began to witness another kind of growth

  "From the evening of the 20th to now, I finally called! I'm so excited!" At 15:45 on July 25th, at 15:45 on July 25, in the inpatient department of Huazhong Hospital in Zhengzhou, Huang Lili, a nurse in the inpatient department, exclaimed, holding a mobile phone to record a rocket army hospital. In the video of soldiers killing in the ward, she was excited and cried when she saw the light suddenly lit up on the whole floor.

  The lights of thousands of lights that light up every day, the shining of this moment, have different meanings to Huang Lili, and different meanings to the citizens of Zhengzhou.

  "Everything will be fine." "It's great to have water and electricity." "It's great to be able to watch the sunset quietly." On July 24, the WeChat circle of Zhengzhou citizens was swiped by the blue sky and beautiful sunset. Heavy rain In the next two or three days, with the joint efforts of armed police officers and soldiers, rescue teams, firefighters, electric power, water power, roads and other personnel, the city gradually restored its former order.

  In the past two days, every Michelle Ice City and Hongxing Erke store on the streets of Zhengzhou is full of people. Many products have long been sold out, but people lining up to buy have not complained at all. There is a silent understanding in everyone's hearts-this It's not just a purchase, it's more of a thank you.

  "I seldom drink Michelle Ice City before, but I decided that I will drink it as long as there is Michelle Ice City in the future." July 26, Zhengzhou Citizen King, Michelle Ice City, Datong Road, Zhengzhou The lady told reporters this way.

  During the epidemic, Michelle Ice City, a local company in Zhengzhou, suffered a disaster, but donated 22 million yuan for flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction, which gave people more feelings for this kind and righteous company. , And in recent years, the less well-known state-owned enterprise brand Hongxing Erke silently donated 50 million yuan, and countless companies that have extended a helping hand in disasters are all feeling the gratitude of people who have experienced disasters. “People who have been helped will not forget Their friendship".

  "I want to do something for you, the lovely people who support Zhengzhou. If I can, I hope to join you!" On the afternoon of July 26, after completing the flood drainage task in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University for 35 hours, Yichang, Hubei The fire rescue team found a handwritten letter on the fire truck, with contact information at the end of the letter.

  A small note makes people feel heartwarming, and the wishes written on the note are also the wishes of the citizens of Zhengzhou.

During this period of time, rescue teams from all over the country rushed to help Zhengzhou, warming the hearts of every Zhengzhou citizen, "I don't know who you are, but I know who you are for."

  On July 23, three rescuers ate at a restaurant in Xinzheng, Henan. The boss secretly added a catty of ribs to the meal. When the rescuers went to scan the code, the boss suddenly hugged the rescuers, and the proprietress gave the QR code in advance. Take it away and say "no code", forcibly "please leave" the rescuers outside the store.

  On the same day, a short video made everyone who saw it felt a sore nose: watching the uncle of an electric power worker from Sichuan just finished repairing the line, a little girl quietly approached and handed over the hot steamed buns on tiptoe.

When he leaned over to take it, the worker's uncle burst into tears.

Wiping his tears, the man promised to the Henanese in front of the camera of the phone: "We must complete the task successfully!"

  On July 25, a community in Zhengzhou, Henan Province was seriously flooded. During the drainage process of Zhenjiang Fire Fighting Officer in Jiangsu, an enthusiastic Zhengzhou aunt sent potato chips, noodles and self-boiled eggs, and kept asking the on-site officers and fighters to "just do it." Yes, hurry up and eat!"

  It was also on this day that a whole corridor was covered with orange-red clothes of rescue workers in a community in Zhengzhou.

The rescuers here have been working for several days, and the aunts in the community have spontaneously washed clothes for the rescuers.

"Do what you can, it's not easy for the children." The aunt of the community said that people in orange clothes are the most respected by Zhengzhou people now.

  On July 26, when Jiangxi fire rescue personnel completed a task of killing a resettlement site and returned to the team, local residents spontaneously stood in line by the roadside, applauded and praised the firefighters.

"Thanks for your hard work these days!"

  If disaster is a teaching material, warmth is the seed.

After the torrential rain, such gratitude stories were repeated in Zhengzhou, and every Zhengzhou person who was infected also understood the meaning of mutual help in gratitude.

  On the streets of Zhengzhou, “Volunteer Red” can be seen everywhere in the past few days. Some of them assisted community relief sites, some helped to carry supplies, some came to deliver water and vegetables for elderly people with limited mobility, and some took shovel to clean up road silt ...The moving pictures convey the positive energy of the city.

  On July 24, in the lobby on the first floor of the Management Committee of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, a large amount of foreign donated materials needed to be loaded on trucks and transported to the disaster-stricken areas in northern Henan.

Although it was one or two in the morning, four to five hundred volunteers came from all directions to carry supplies, working together and orderly.

  At the Mirai Road Sub-district Office in Jinshui District, it only sent out a volunteer service message in the exchange group at night, and more than 100 people came to help the next day.

  "In the early morning of the 24th, I was moving things. I turned around and saw that there were a hundred more people behind me. Then my mobile phone was blown up. Many volunteers called and said they wanted to come and help!" Yang, a street worker on Weilai Road, Zhengzhou Said fiercely.

  The number of residents who volunteered to help ranged from 10 to 20, and then to 50 to 100...Volunteers came to support an endless stream.

Seeing the scene in front of me, "I think Zhengzhou is full of hope." Yang Meng said.

  What's more interesting is that an aunt who is more than half a hundred years old is very "dissatisfied" with the rule that the dredging work should only be done by men.

  "Don't just let men do the dredging in the community, I can do the men who are capable!" When I heard that the community still needs volunteers to clean the silt, an aunt took the staff's hand very anxiously, for fear of letting herself fall. It made the volunteers present a knowing smile.

  "Don't be a bystander, I would like to be among the people involved." After this torrential rain, more and more Zhengzhou people seem to be ready at all times to do something for the city they love.

  "Yesterday I tried to send a recruitment notice in the community group. I didn't expect to join more than 60 people in the group in a few minutes. I was so touched!" Five-star volunteer in Zhengzhou City, volunteer service at Jianshe Road Sub-district Volunteer Service Station. The stationmaster Wang Juanjuan told reporters excitedly.

  "The child is not old, but he is tall and strong, and moving water is absolutely no problem!" Watching a parent pull his son enthusiastically to join, Wang Juanjuan said that the willingness of community residents to participate in voluntary activities has been extremely high these days.

According to statistics, since the launch of emergency rescue and disaster relief work, 2777 emergency rescue volunteer service teams in Zhengzhou have participated in disaster relief operations, of which more than 2 million volunteers have participated.

  In the past few days, Ms. Wu, a 27-year-old citizen of Zhengzhou, has been shuttled among multiple volunteer mutual aid groups, constantly paying attention to the voluntary information she can participate in.

  "At every volunteer activity site, there is no shortage of volunteers. Almost all of them are responsive. Many post-90s and post-00s who are interested in entertainment groups and classmates and fellow villagers have been extremely active in volunteer groups these days." Wu The lady said that she wanted the city to become better as soon as possible. She wanted the disaster to pass quickly and return to its original state as soon as possible. "This is also the wish of every Zhengzhou person."

  After the disaster, life in Zhengzhou is gradually recovering. The city looks no different from before the rainstorm.

But people feel that Zhengzhou is different from before.

  Workers' Daily Client Reporter Yu Jiaxi Wang Weiwei Correspondent Dong Junya