After visiting the city for a whole day during the day, when night falls, you must choose local specialties to comfort your body and mind.

When you come to Jiayuguan, there is a delicacy you must try, and that is barbecue.

  How famous is the barbecue in Jiayuguan?

It was recorded in the tomb of the Wei and Jin Dynasties 1800 years ago.

In Jiayuguan, no sheep can completely leave here, so how did this intangible cultural heritage that people praise and linger for? Let’s take a look.

  How meticulous can Jiayuguan people eat sheep?

Except for wool that cannot be roasted, other parts are delicious on the oven.

The processed mutton is simply marinated, and the meat changes evenly in ten seconds, and it is grilled until it is golden in color. The outside is charred and tender inside is the best taste, and it is also the most challenging.

A popular barbecue restaurant can sell at least ten sheep in one night.

  The legs are fat and tender, and the lamb belly is sour and spicy. The beef and mutton pay attention to the combination of fat and lean.

The meat pieces are skewered and grilled on an open flame, a handful of salt and pepper, a handful of peppers, and the most delicious taste of mutton is released when it is turned over.

Every barbecue restaurant in Jiayuguan has its own "secret weapon". In addition to complex ingredients, only a handful of salt is used to stimulate the taste of lamb itself, which actually tests the chef's skill and the freshness of the meat.

  A table of fragrant and characteristic barbecues, accompanied by a bucket of cold beer, meets three or five friends, guesses and chats, talks and toasts, what you eat is the boldness and enthusiasm of Northwesterners, and what you enjoy is full of human fireworks.

(Reporter Gao Ying)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]