[Explanation] Chinese soldiers are well-known for their strict discipline and show to the world with their strict military appearance. However, such a scene appeared on the front line of the mobile detachment of the Henan Armed Police Corps.

  [Explanation] On July 24, at the cofferdam of a large canal in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, armed police officers and soldiers were intensively filling sandbags and sealing the gap with the cooperation of large-scale machinery.

  [Simultaneous on-site] Brothers, are you tired?

(Not tired!) Boys don’t tell the truth, it’s fake not to be tired, but we are not afraid of being tired, right!

Come on!

come on!

(Come on instructor!)

  [Explanation] At the rescue scene, the officers and soldiers wore combat boots and fitness trousers at night, with their upper bodies naked and naked back. During the day, they wore a full set of fitness suits, camouflage caps, and sweaty and hot. It is not appropriate to wear this way according to regulations. required.

  [In the same period] TAO Yifei, a soldier of the Second Mobile Squadron, Mobile Detachment, Henan Armed Police Force

  We worked here for three days and three nights. We didn’t wear clothes at night for the sake of cooling off. Second, many soldiers had rashes on their bodies. Taking off our clothes can make us more comfortable, and go to work better and faster. We wear them during the day. The clothes are for physical training, and the hats are worn to reduce the sun’s exposure, and the sun is particularly large to protect our skin.

  [Explanation] Soldier Tuo Yifei joined the army in September 2018. Before he became a soldier, his hometown suffered from floods. This time he was always at the forefront of the first-line flood fight.

  [In the same period] TAO Yifei, a soldier of the Second Mobile Squadron, Mobile Detachment, Henan Armed Police Force

  In my heart, I just want to complete the task as soon as possible, to reduce the common people's lesser less, and to reduce the difficulty little by little, so that they can return to their real home as soon as possible.

  [Explanation] The soldiers work in turns 24 hours a day, and have been fighting on the embankment for three days and three nights, filling nearly 20,000 sandbags.

Here, the scorching heat during the day, the sultry heat at night, and the bites of mosquitoes have brought severe tests to the bodies of the officers and soldiers. Although military doctors have been conducting disinfection inspections on the front line, there are still rashes or hives on the officers and soldiers.

  [Explanation] The soldiers are not afraid of getting wet on rainy days, not afraid of the sun on sunny days, and not getting off the line for minor injuries. The goal is to close the gap as soon as possible, overcome floods, and let the people return to normal life as soon as possible.

  [In the same period] Peng Xiaomeng, Captain of the Mobile First Brigade, Mobile Detachment, Henan Armed Police Force

  The soldiers are very hard work and very cute. Sometimes I feel pain in my eyes.

Although sometimes we dress a little more casually, but I feel that as long as it is beneficial to fighting floods and helping the soldiers to work better, I think it is okay to dress casually.

Now the flood is ahead and the people are behind. In the next step, we will continue to fight on the flood-fighting embankment and resolutely live up to the people's ardent expectations of us.

  Li Chaoqing, Liang Taicheng, Wang Guoqiang reports from Henan

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]