China News Service, July 26 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) The center of this year's No. 6 typhoon "Fireworks" (strong tropical storm level) made landfall again on the coast of Pinghu, Zhejiang Province at 9:50 on the 26th.

During the morning rush hour, Shanghai's road traffic was stable and orderly, and there was no long-term, large-scale congestion.

  Typhoon "Fireworks" is a "slow child".

At 7 o'clock that day, the "firework" was located in Hangzhou Bay, about 25 kilometers from the junction of Shanghai Jinshan and Zhejiang Pinghu, and moved northwest at a speed of about 5-10 kilometers per hour.

The Hongkou traffic police escorted non-motorized convoys across the river safely through the Dalian Road Tunnel in an orderly manner.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Police

  Although "fireworks" are "grinding", their power should not be underestimated.

The reporter saw on Tianshan Road in Changning District on the morning of the 26th. After a night of squally rain, only one of the three giant advertising paintings on the outer wall of a shopping mall was left, and the other two were missing.

A sentry box on the side of the road was also "topped" to the ground by the wind.

  The prestige of the "fireworks" brought severe challenges to the urban traffic operation during the morning rush hour.

  The reporter learned from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau that in order to ensure traffic order at morning peaks, the Shanghai police launched a high-level social prevention and control service program, carried out street inspections, hidden danger investigation, traffic diversion and emergency response, and made every effort to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city.

The police from Xujiahui Station of Rail Transit Public Security diverted the flow of passengers at Shanghai South Railway Station.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Police

  The Shanghai police said that during the morning rush hour, the road traffic in Shanghai was stable and orderly, and there was no long-term, large-scale congestion.

The total number of 110 calls increased by 15.6%. Among them, there were more than 280 cases involving typhoons, such as standing upside down and falling objects from a height, causing no casualties.

  According to the traffic police department, during the morning peak period, the city's total road traffic fell by about 20% compared with the previous period, and there was no serious congestion.

The Wuwei Road tunnel in Putuo District and other sections of the water-filled road were closed in time, and the police strengthened command and guidance on the spot to guide vehicles to divert traffic.

A sentry box at the entrance of a shopping mall was "overturned" by a strong wind.

Photo by Wu Hao

  Affected by the typhoon "fireworks", the operation of Shanghai Metro Lines 3, 5, 16, and 17, Pujiang Line, Maglev Line, and other stations on the ground and elevated sections of the Shanghai Metro were suspended from the beginning of operation on the same day.

  In response to the suspension of some rail transit lines and the shortening of operating intervals, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau's rail transit team stated that the police will strengthen the integrated linkage and coordination of "above and underground" and "inside and outside stations" for the lines and stations that are out of service and shortened operations. Cooperate with relevant departments to prepare for the evacuation of "large passenger flow".

  As of 8:30 that day, the rail transit network had 370,000 passengers, a decrease of 80% from last Monday, and the operation order was normal. (Finish)