Jennifer Lopez has confirmed what all her fans have known for several weeks: yes, she is in a relationship with Ben Affleck.

The return of "Bennifer" was revealed on Instagram in a series of posts to mark the singer and actress' 52nd birthday.

We see her posing in a bikini, on a Yacht which, according to Page Six, sails off Saint-Tropez in France.

But in the fourth shot of the series, the star appears in a passionate embrace with the

Justice League



"5 2 ... This is what it feels like ...", she posted in the caption of the series of photos, already "liked" 8 million times by her subscribers.

Not left

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted together for the first time in several years last April, two months after the singer split from her ex-fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

Coincidentally (or not?), The latter was also in Saint-Tropez on a yacht last weekend, where he could be seen also celebrating his birthday with several women in bikinis.

A way to prove to his ex that he has fully recovered from their separation?

Regardless, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fans are now waiting for the next step in their relationship.

Now that they are "Instagram Official", remain the engagement and the marriage?



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