China News Service, Zhengzhou, July 26 (Han Zhangyun and Yang Dayong) The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Henan Provincial Government Information Office on the 26th that 69 people were killed by heavy rainfall in Henan.

Among them, 6 victims were found in the Zhengzhou Jingguang Expressway tunnel that has received much attention.

  Li Changxun, deputy director of the Emergency Management Department of Henan Province, notified that since July 16, as of 12:00 on July 26, this round of heavy rainfall has caused 12,907,400 people in 150 counties (cities, districts) in Henan Province to be affected by this round of heavy rainfall. , 69 people were killed in the disaster.

On July 26, there was still water in some sections of the urban area of ​​Weihui City, Henan Province, and many rescue forces started rescue work there.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Zhang Jiangtao, Deputy Secretary-General of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government, said that since July 20, Zhengzhou has been hit by extreme rainstorms, and roads across the city have encountered severe flood conditions. Vehicles and people have been trapped in the tunnels of the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway.

  The Jingguang Expressway tunnel is about 4.3 kilometers long and consists of three discontinuous tunnels. Among them, the length of the Jingguang North Road Tunnel, which is the worst hit by the disaster, is about 1.7 kilometers, and the deepest part of the water is about 6 meters. The task is very arduous.

  On July 21, the rescue headquarters organized a number of "Dragon Suction" high-power water pumps to pump rainwater accumulated in the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway tunnel. After continuous operation for 5 days and 24 hours, a total of 60 water was pumped out of the tunnel. More than ten thousand cubic meters.

At noon on the 24th, the Jingguang Middle Road Tunnel completed drainage and dredging operations.

On the night of the 25th, the Jingguang North Road Tunnel and the Jingguang South Road Tunnel completed the flood drainage operation.

  According to the report, after five consecutive days of hard work, a total of 247 vehicles of various types were towed from three tunnels.

Sadly, the on-site investigation found 6 victims, 5 men and 1 woman.

At present, relevant aftermath work is underway, rescue workers are clearing the silt in the tunnel, and the internal space elimination and road facilities maintenance will also be carried out one after another.