Brother and sister duo akmyu (AKMU) has preached the new songs work Home App were with IU.

AKMU held an online press conference to commemorate the release of the collaboration album 'NEXT EPISODE' today (26th).

"Next Episode" has collected akmyu first released in the local Labyrinth illustration album, Lee, Sun - Hee IU · · · Beenzino jannabi choejeonghun, crush, Kim Sam-class artists such massive participation expectations.

Especially the title track "Drop" IU is involved is the beginning of a song on this album. In response, Lee Soo Hyun's "snag wonder how we can look forward more popular and easy to touch the hearts who the 'fall' How do was to think that the message that the artists IU can better convey to the public decided to collaborate," said "to this starting point altogether I decided to make a collaboration album, so this album was completed."

Following Lee Chan-hyuk was "never hamkkehan the IU and the previously unreleased song" Fry's Dream "released in concert, and there was the difficult part when Claudia Kim is a vocal colors to record not unlike that," he said smooth the action, thanks to noryeonham IU He said he was able to finish it.

But they laughed at them, saying that Lee Soo Hyun, "Lee Chan-hyuk is a perfect world for me than anyone else, and he cried IU detail egen" Likes "Only a million times knew face North Indian". Yet Lee Soo Hyun was "I'm a little sad, but never recorded by one letter, still deserves much appreciate," he praised IU.

In response, Chanhyuk Lee said, "I hoped it would be a fun project. Even if I did the recording with Suhyeon, I could have a good time externally, but I hoped that this work would not be difficult for other artists. also provided an explanation.

AKMU's new album 'Next Episode', with the theme of 'transcendent freedom', contains a firm will to protect the inner strength instead of yielding to other people's gazes, standards demanded by the world, and wounds in the heart. The title song 'Fall', which paradoxically expresses that it can be an emergency rather than a fall, contains the message that 'I will be with you until the end, regardless of the gaze of those around you, no matter what ordeal comes.'

Regarding the reason for choosing 'Falling' as the title song, Chanhyuk Lee said, "Rather than worrying about popularity, 'How can we show Akmu's character who is in his mid-20s or musical parts to meet people's expectations? I think it's a suitable song for that part. The message 'Falling' conveys is also what I want to hear."

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