"There is also spicy soup in the morning, which is very good." The reporter visited a resettlement site in Zhoukou, Henan

CCTV News:

Due to continuous heavy rains, Jialuhe District, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, quickly organized the transfer of personnel in order to ensure the safety of the local people.

At the same time, the power, medical, and communications teams guarantee the livelihood of the people in the resettlement sites 24 hours a day.

Headquarters reporter Yang Litian:

This is the largest resettlement site in Xihua County. It accommodates 2500 people along the river. The material guarantee is relatively sufficient and the efficiency is high. Zhoukou City transferred and resettled more than 460,000 people in a few days.

Reporter: How many

days have we been together these days?

Resettlement: It's

been five days.


What do you think of the protection?

Settling the masses:

Very good. There are spicy soup when you get up early in the morning, and there are dramas and movies in the evening.

  The resettlement sites are densely staffed, not only supplying sufficient drinking water, food, medicine, clothing and other materials, but also providing power supply, first aid, and medical teams to ensure full protection.

Bao Hada, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Zhoukou Power Supply Company of State Grid Henan Electric Power Company: In

order to ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity, State Grid Zhoukou Power Supply Company has prepared special patrols for substations, lines, and power distribution facilities in advance and prepared for emergency.

Up to now, the State Grid Zhoukou Power Supply Company has dispatched 1,563 power protection personnel and 110 emergency power generation equipment.

  At the same time, a large number of material support vehicles arrived in Zhoukou overnight.


How many cars are there in your fleet?

Zhu Junxi, the driver of the transport convoy:

A total of 100 vehicles.

Huang Weigang, the driver of the transportation fleet:

(The goods loaded in each vehicle) are different. There are bread, instant noodles, water, and all of these things.

Transport fleet driver

: There are six samples, the total number is 396.

On-site staff:

Let's take an inventory later.

Thanks for your hard work!

Huang Weigang

, the

driver of the transportation convoy: It's

okay, it should be.

  It is understood that these materials are mainly emergency food prepared for the 380,000 people who left their homes in Zhoukou.

As Zhoukou is located at the confluence of the three rivers and the terrain is low, once the upstream water level rises, the risk of flooding the embankment is high, and local organizations must guard against it.

Life in the resettlement site is orderly and logistics support is adequate.