The Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau issued a series of early warning suggestions. Why did the citizens not see "classes and business suspensions" that day?

  Author: Feng Shuoshuo 

  Huang Hua did not learn more about other risky preparations for suspension of classes and business.

  Huang Hua still couldn't believe that this would be a flood that swept the whole city of Zhengzhou until the flood water completely submerged the community.

  On the afternoon of July 20, with a downpour, the entire Zhengzhou city began to become a vast ocean. In the following two days, the entire Henan province, including Zhengzhou, was surrounded by floods.

  The shadow of death, the collapsed and broken roads all over the city, and the broken down vehicles that can be seen everywhere still make Huang Hua daze: How did the heavy rain turn into a flood?

Why didn't I realize it beforehand?

Millions of people go to work and school regularly

  The first red warning message Huang Hua received was sent by China Unicom 10010 to his mobile phone on July 19th.

  "Zhengzhou Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm warning signal at 21:59 on July 19, 2021: At present, the local precipitation in Zhengzhou city has reached more than 50 mm. It is expected that the precipitation will continue in the next 3 hours, and the cumulative precipitation will reach 100 mm. Above, please take precautions."

  However, Huang Hua, who has been living and growing up in the north, said that when he received the warning message, he was almost indifferent.

On the one hand, there are several heavy rains in Zhengzhou every year. Although there are occasional citizens drowning because of heavy rains, it is an accident and a minority.

On the other hand, as a non-professional person, Huang Hua has no concept of "precipitation of 50 mm or 100 mm" mentioned in the information. Therefore, she has not adjusted any travel plans or made any material reserves.

  At 8 o'clock in the morning that day, Huang Hua, who had had breakfast, watched the 3-year-old child who was sent to the kindergarten in the rain by his family and went to work on time.

She is even worried, will the rain be so heavy, will she be late for work?

  At this moment, there are also Pang Yangyang, who works in an education company in Zhengzhou, who is also on the way to work. Ludi, who works as an accountant in a company in Zhengzhou, is 36 years old... In fact, on July 20th, because there was no After receiving notices such as suspension of classes, suspension of business, suspension of work, etc., in Zhengzhou, a city with a population of tens of millions, at least millions of people went to work and school through various modes of transportation such as self-driving, subway and bus in the morning, including Huang Hua These people inside think that this rainy day is the same as usual, except that the rain is really a bit heavy.

  But at this time, only less than 12 hours were left before the deaths of Pang Yangyang, Lu Di and others.

Several warnings, no "suspension of classes, suspension of business"

  What Huang Hua didn't know was that on her way to work, Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau had issued No. 117 "Meteorological Disaster Warning Signal" at 9:08 am on July 20.

  No. 117 "Meteorological Disaster Warning Signal" was issued by Li Kexing, Director of Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau, "Continue to issue red warning signals for heavy rain...It is expected that in the next 3 hours, the precipitation in Zhengzhou City and the six counties (cities) under its jurisdiction will reach 100 mm. Above," the document also gives defense guidelines: 1. The government and relevant departments do a good job of emergency and rescue work in accordance with their duties to prevent rainstorms; 2. Stop gatherings, classes, and business (except for special industries); 3. Do a good job in mountain torrents, Prevention and rescue work for disasters such as landslides and mudslides.

  However, until Huang Hua rushed to the company, she did not receive any news about the suspension of classes or business.

  Just when Huang Hua didn’t realize it, the Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau had issued red warning signals for heavy rains several times on July 20, and successively suggested suspension of classes and business. However, at this time, Zhengzhou including Metro Line 5 The six subway lines in the city are still operating as usual, and dozens of tunnels in Zhengzhou, including the Jingguang Road Tunnel, are still woven with traffic.

  A reporter from China Business News found that in at least three "Meteorological Disaster Warning Signals" issued by Li Kexing, the defense guidelines were clearly informed: the government and relevant departments should do emergency and rescue work in accordance with their duties to prevent rainstorms; stop gatherings, suspension of classes, Close business (except for special industries); do a good job in the prevention and rescue of disasters such as mountain torrents, landslides, and mudslides.

  Not only was the Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau issued a red warning and gave advice on "suspending classes and business", the Henan Meteorological Observatory has also successively issued red warnings for heavy rains through Weibo and other channels.

  According to relevant regulations, these meteorological disaster warning signals will be notified to the administrative departments of education, public security, housing construction, urban management, transportation, emergency response, etc., as well as some key leaders of Zhengzhou City, and each unit will be based on the type and level of the warning signal. And the defense guide, organize and implement the defense work of meteorological disasters and meteorological-derived disasters.

  This is almost a common practice in many cities in China.

  For example, on July 10, 2019, when Guangdong was hit by heavy rains, Shenzhen immediately announced that the city had entered a state of emergency defense against heavy rains: the city’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were closed all day, and the school should assign special personnel to protect the students (kindergarten) at school (kindergarten). ) Safety; the employer arranges staff to postpone work, leave work early or stop work according to the situation.

  As early as May 2013, Shenzhen issued the "Guidelines for Public Defense Against Typhoon and Rain Disasters in Shenzhen (for Trial Implementation)" and "Shenzhen Typhoon and Rain Disaster Prevention Regulations (for Trial Implementation)". Clear and feasible operating instructions.

  In addition, many domestic cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, will actively take corresponding measures depending on the degree of heavy rain.

  However, on July 20, the most severe rainstorm in Zhengzhou, Huang Hua did not learn more about the risk of suspension of classes and business except for a few text messages indicating the "critical period" of rainfall and flood prevention. .

  It wasn't until after 4pm that the teacher of the kindergarten where the child was staying informed Huang Hua that it was raining heavily. If possible, take the child home as soon as possible!

Huang Hua hurriedly contacted his family and prepared to pick up the baby, but at this time, the increasingly heavy rain and the sudden rising flood had flooded the community where Huang Hua was located. The flood of more than 1 meter deep has made it possible to go out to pick up the children. impossible.

  At 5 pm, it was time for Huang Hua to get off work.

Just when she was hesitant to take Metro Line 5 home, her husband called her: "It's too rainy outside. If you can, don't go back." She decided to stay at the company and wait. At this time, she was still waiting. I don't know, this inadvertent decision is saving her life.

  At almost the same time, Ludi, who was working in Zhengdong New District, decided to take Line 5 home in the rain because he was worried that the heavy rain might cause water leakage in his home.

According to the plan, she will get off at Rose Park Station.

  Metro Line 5 is a circular metro line in Zhengzhou with a total length of 40.7 kilometers.

Pang Yangyang, Qu Yuxia, Cao Yijia and other more than 500 passengers took the subway at the same time as her.

  At almost the same moment, hundreds of drivers, including Zhu Yun, were trapped in the Jingguang Road tunnel due to congestion. Zhu Yun spent nearly 2 hours, but he just moved from the entrance of the tunnel to the exit of the tunnel. .

After the disaster...

  The rain was getting bigger and bigger, and a "one-in-a-millennium" flood hit, and Zhengzhou broke the defense at this time.

Suddenly, the entire city became a vast ocean.

  Later videos circulated on the Internet showed that more than 500 passengers, including Lu Di, Pang Yangyang, Qu Yuxia, Cao Yijia, etc., were trapped in a subway train numbered 0501.

When the accident happened, the train was high in the front and low in the back. The water quickly spread throughout the carriage. Even when standing on the seats, the water level still covered the necks of some passengers.

  "The water in the car has reached my chest! I can't speak anymore, help! Sos." Ding Xiaopei, the host of Henan Traffic Broadcasting who was also trapped in the train, said in a letter for help, all emergency and fire fighting, please help us!

We are trapped in the tunnel of Line 5 (Bansi Temple-Shakou Road Station), please spread!

  At almost the same moment, Hou Wenchao, general manager of Jingyu Da Henan Branch, who was trapped in the Jingguang Road tunnel due to congestion, had experienced the heavy rain in Beijing 9 years ago. He quickly realized that this was not just heavy rain, but a heavy rain. If you don’t get out of the car after a flood, you may be drowned in the car!

He got out of the car quickly, looked at the drivers and passengers sitting in the hundreds of cars behind him, and slapped the doors while shouting hoarsely, "The car is no more! It's important to save your life..." His self-help from his conscience. Hundreds of lives were also saved at the same time, but in the end, the accompanying flood skyrocketed within a few minutes. Hundreds of cars were submerged in the tunnel, and some drivers and passengers who failed to escape in time disappeared in the tunnel. .

  On the morning of July 21, the torrential rain that raged all night began to gradually decrease, but at this time, dozens of roads inside and outside Zhengzhou, including Hanghai Road, turned into turbulent rivers on the ground.

  At 7 a.m., Huang Hua received a call from the kindergarten teacher again: "The child slept soundly in the kindergarten last night, but now the kindergarten has no water and electricity. Come and pick up the child as soon as possible."

  Huang Hua's house also shut down water and electricity, and even the elevator stopped.

Her family walked down the fire ladder from the 20th floor, stepped on the yellow silt piled up in the community, and with the help of the armed police soldiers, waded through the rushing sea road that was deeper than the calf and took it back overnight. The unreturned 3-year-old son.

  By the way, netizens complained about the "Navigation Road, just sail as soon as it rains". In this rare heavy rain, the water accumulated more and the water receded more slowly.

  When her family took the child by the hand and climbed back to the 20-storey house step by step, the usually noisy and coquettish 3-year-old boy, this time except for a few tired shouts, did not ask for " Hug", but insisted on climbing up to more than 20 floors to go home step by step.

  At 10 o'clock that morning, Huang Hua, who was out looking for water, waded across the flooded road, walked 3 kilometers, climbed 20 floors of stairs, and returned home.

After the rest of her life, she hugged her two young children and wept bitterly.

  When I turned on the phone again, a message popped out: More than 500 passengers in Metro Line 5 had been rescued last night, but more than 10 passengers including Lu Di, Pang Yangyang, Qu Yuxia, Cao Yijia, etc. Eventually died.

  At this time, in addition to Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Zhoukou and other places in Henan also began to plunge into a vast ocean due to floods caused by heavy rains. A large number of people’s houses were washed away and farmland was flooded.

  On July 25, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a flood prevention and disaster relief press conference.

Li Changxun, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Henan Provincial Emergency Management Department, reported that according to preliminary statistics, since July 16, as of 12:00 on the 25th, this round of heavy rainfall has caused 11.447800 people in the province to be affected, 63 people died and 5 missing. people.

  In the once congested Jingguang Road tunnel, the pumping team fought day and night for days and nights. The standing water remained 0.8 meters high on the 25th. Up to now, the bodies of four victims have been found.

  (At the request of the interviewee, Huang Hua and Zhu Yun are pseudonyms in the text)