, July 26, according to Zhuhai’s WeChat official account, according to the Guangdong Provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Office "Notice on Issuing the Guidelines for the Regional and Hierarchical Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic in Guangdong Province", combined with the current Zhuhai The situation of epidemic prevention and control work, in order to further strengthen the precise prevention and control of Zhuhai City's society, and effectively protect the lives and health of the people, the relevant epidemic prevention and control work is hereby announced as follows:

  1. Adopt closed management for the Everbright International Trade Center, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Guizhou Crooked Restaurant, and Laochuanfang Restaurant in Jida Street, Xiangzhou District, and implement the management measures of “closed isolation, no-going home, and door-to-door service” (tentatively scheduled for 14 days, specific It will be adjusted dynamically according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control).

  2. To the west of Haibin South Road, Jida Street, Xiangzhou District, north of Yuanyuan Road, east of Jingle Road, south of Jixing 1st Alley, east of Jingyuan Road, south of Jida Road, northwest of Everbright International Trade Center alley to Haibin South Road (Excluding Everbright Bank) The designated area is a closed control area. The management measures of “only in, no out, no gathering” will be implemented from 6 am on July 26. In principle, a limited number of people in each household will go out to purchase security supplies at a designated time. (Tentatively scheduled for 7 days, depending on the situation of epidemic prevention and control dynamic adjustment).

Schematic diagram of the enclosed area

  3. Set the west of Haibin South Road in Xiangzhou District, the east of Jingshan Road, and the north of Jiuzhou Avenue as warning areas, and implement the management measures of "two points (residence-work point) and one line, if not necessary".

  4. Regard the entire Xiangzhou District as a monitoring area, and strengthen the monitoring and management of key populations and key places.

  5. Complete a round of nucleic acid testing for all employees in the city before 24:00 on July 27.

  Sixth, do a good job of material protection in the enclosed and controlled area, and implement point-to-point distribution of daily necessities.

  7. It is recommended that all citizens gather less, move less, wear masks, wash hands frequently, maintain social distance, and take personal protection.