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IRL is the first exhibition to combine digital and virtual art in Dubai

  • The new exhibition focuses on highlighting the use of technological developments in the artistic field.

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Gallery Ferretti for Contemporary Art and Morro Collective have announced that they are preparing to open the first exhibition that combines digital and realistic art in Dubai, at Gallery Ferretti’s pavilion at Unit No. 29, Alserkal Avenue 17th Street in Al Quoz, from August 10 to 15. Next September, the list of artists participating in the exhibition includes Ahmed Emad El-Din, Kadara Iniasi, Ervin Pascal, Josh Roel, Helidon Giga and Fathia Zemmoury.

The exhibition, which opens next month, includes a collection of digital artworks representing non-fungible tokens (NFT), which are unique digital artworks whose origins can be verified through Blockchain technology, along with a range of realistic and traditional artworks. This exhibition is the first of its kind that embodies an important event that integrates the digital and physical worlds, with the aim of building bridges between encrypted digital artwork (NFT) on the one hand, and traditional and realistic artwork (IRL) on the other.

Morro Collective is the leading partner and digital art coordinator for exhibitions, and in cooperation with the platform, Gallery Ferretti has produced a series of digital artworks for a selection of its artists, which were displayed at Morro Gallery within the virtual reality platform called Cryptovoxels. .

Gallery Ferretti seeks to provide a multidisciplinary art space with a clear identity, and to establish itself as a global platform for art in Dubai, by displaying the work of prominent and emerging artists from all over the world.

Bringing together like-minded people and pioneers of artistic and expressive futurism, Ferretti offers a dynamic curation of artworks that highlight the importance of individualism, along with achieving collective harmony.

The new exhibition is expected to be a response to the rapidly changing artistic and creative scene, and by bridging the gap between the two worlds, Ferretti and Moro aim to make digital artwork accessible to people in real life, and the exhibition will include a number of digital artworks. Displayed on screens next to the physical artworks, the public will also be able to enjoy viewing the artworks in augmented reality and virtual reality, using innovative technical platforms installed in the exhibition.

About the new exhibition, founder and CEO of Gallery Ferretti Contemporary Art, Mara Ferretti, said: “The new exhibition focuses on highlighting the use of technological developments in the art field, and displays artworks of a high degree of quality, coordination and impact, and digital arts technology is already contributing In changing the way artworks are bought and sold, and as we move towards a future that will see widespread use of these technologies, it is extremely important that we keep pace with these changes.”

In line with the sustainability values ​​shared by Ferretti and Moro, the exhibition will be completely carbon-neutral, with carbon emissions controlled in cooperation with

Attractive stories from around the world

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IRL is the first exhibition in Dubai for artists participating in the field of encrypted digital artworks, and their exhibited works represent multiple themes, from war and conflict in the world to freedom and social change, and the artistic methods used in these works range from abstraction to figurative imagery, thus ensuring rich content and narratives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Courtesy, through which they present compelling stories from around the world under one roof, these works emphasize the idea that art is not limited to subtle aesthetic aspects, but can also change people's lives and provide new perspectives for each viewer.

sustainable art collections

Gallery Ferretti Contemporary Art brings together artworks and creative concepts from the region and the rest of the world under one roof in Dubai, encouraging global participation through the creation of purposeful and sustainable art collections.

By harnessing its vast expanses, Gallery Ferretti supports a network of artistic collaborations, uniquely presenting and exhibiting artworks, transforming them into an integral part of the fabric of the local community.

Gallery Ferretti enhances the pivotal place that art can play in the field of sustainability and social issues, and contribute to instilling values ​​in our society through the ability of art to inspire individuals.

• The public will be able to enjoy viewing artworks using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

• Ferretti Gallery seeks to provide an art space with a clear identity that establishes its position as a global platform for art in Dubai.

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