Jason Momoa owes in part his titanic musculature to rock climbing, or more precisely to rock climbing, a discipline that he practices diligently.

So it's no wonder the star is working on a show devoted to her favorite sport with HBO Max.


The Climb

, the first season of this program will consist of eight episodes during which amateurs will have to face terrible challenges putting their physical and mental capacities to the test.




is thrilled to be able to collaborate with renowned climber Chris Sharma to support him on this adventure.

"It's a dream come true to create a show with one of my idols, my friend, the legendary climber Chris Sharma," he said in a statement relayed by the

Hollywood Reporter


everybody is happy

"I am happy to partner with HBO Max and to produce alongside IPC to bring you this show dedicated to my favorite sport, rock climbing," continued Jason Momoa, while the streaming platform also rubs its hands in anticipation of this collaboration.

“We look forward to working with Jason Momoa and IPC to bring a cinematic approach to this physical competition as Mother Nature gives us the toughest obstacles,” added Jennifer O'Connnell of HBO Max.

It promises !



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