Fans of the NPO program

Vroege Vogels

are angry with the channel, because the nature program will not be broadcast for a few weeks for the first time in 43 years.

NPO Radio 1 changed the entire morning programming on Sunday to report on the Olympic Games.

That decision doesn't sit well with regular listeners.

"It is a godsend: nature is experiencing the most turbulent times worldwide and NPO Radio 1 is canceling the only nature program for endless sports bullshit. What a sucker,"


journalist Jean-Pierre Geelen said on Twitter on Sunday.

Geelen's message gets a lot of support from other enthusiasts of the program.

They speak of "sport terror".

Early Birds

was among the most used tags on Twitter for some time on Sunday.

Editor-in-chief Anneke Naafs of

Vroege Vogels

confirms that it is the first time in 43 years that the nature program cannot be heard on Sunday mornings for almost a month.

"We have made a virtue of necessity: the entire editorial staff is on holiday. But of course, especially at this time, we had made a program", says Naafs.

Negative reactions from sport

The editor-in-chief is pleased that the program's loyal supporters are making themselves heard.

"We appeal to a very wide audience that is generally not so prominent. Although sport is always problematic in the broadcast, we always get negative reactions when those sports flashes of Formula 1 come through our broadcast. The question is who makes you happy with that; people who want to know that are watching television at that moment."

The NPO says in a response that "NPO Radio 1 is primarily a news and sports channel. This means that the regular programming has to give way in the event of special news moments and sports events."