In an accident with a bus coming from Germany in Croatia, ten people were killed on Sunday and 45 others were injured.

According to the Croatian news portal "", prosecutor Slavko Pranjic said that one of the two drivers fell asleep while driving.

This driver was arrested.

The bus was on the road on behalf of a travel agency that regularly organizes trips from Germany to Kosovo and Albania.

At first nothing was known about German victims.

There were 67 passengers and two drivers in the vehicle.

One of the drivers is one of the dead.

The bus started from Frankfurt in the direction of Kosovo, said the tour operator Deva Tours, based in the Kosovar town of Gjakova, on Sunday at the request of the dpa.

"These are all people who work in Germany and wanted to spend their vacation in Kosovo," said Kosovo's ambassador in the Croatian capital Zagreb, Gezim Kasapolli.

"We spoke to the families of the injured and killed," he added, according to the Croatian portal "".