[Commentary] From July 19th to 23rd, a group of 20 people from the Macau Federation of Trade Unions and the Macau Municipal Trafficking Mutual Aid Association visited Fuzhou and Quanzhou, Fujian for exchanges and learning.

During the period, the exchange delegation visited the Fujian Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, and visited Luoyang Bridge, Kaiyuan Temple, Chongwu Ancient City, traditional neighborhoods in Wudian City, and China Fujian-Taiwan Margin Museum.

  [Explanation] On July 22, at the Museum of Fujian-Taiwan Relationship in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Liang Sunxu, vice chairman of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions, said in an interview with reporters that he left Quanzhou at the age of 7 and lived in Macau for more than 30 years. I felt very cordial when I returned to my hometown.

  [Concurrent] Liang Sunxu, Vice Chairman of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions

  Almost a quarter of Macau (people) are Fujianese, and we Fujianese have been very hardworking in Macau over the past few decades. They have now become Macau businessmen.

In the past few years, they have brought some of Macau's investment to Fujian to promote exchanges between the two places.

  [Explanation] Quanzhou is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China. There are more than 9.5 million spring overseas Chinese in 170 countries and regions, accounting for nearly one-sixth of the total number of overseas Chinese in the country. There are 700,000 compatriots living in Hong Kong and 60,000 compatriots living in Macau. People, ranking first among the 25 key overseas Chinese hometowns in the country with districts and cities.

  [Concurrent] Ke Qinghuang, Chairman of the Macau Municipal Trafficking Mutual Aid Association

  My hometown is also Fujian. Of course, I also like our directors and supervisors to know more about our Fujian, and we can see that our country and our enterprise are developing very fast.

Then when I came to Quanzhou, I also saw that our hometown's cultural development was also very good.

Some changes in our motherland in the past few decades of reform and opening up let us know the changes in our motherland.

When we went back to Macau, we also advertised the strength of our motherland to our members.

  [Explanation] This is the first time I came to Fujian, Li Guilun, the vice chairman of the Macau City Trafficking Mutual Aid Association, stopped for a long time on the Luoyang Bridge, which is known as the "First Bridge in China".

He said that this time he not only saw many different customs and customs from Macau, but also learned new work and management methods from enterprises and labor unions in Fujian, which benefited a lot.

  [Concurrent] Li Guilun, Vice Chairman of the Macau Municipal Trafficking Mutual Aid Association

  Fujian has excellent things to give us to Macau, and our Macau has excellent things to give to Fujian, we also want to do the same, we communicate.

It doesn't matter for thousands of miles, everybody's interaction is OK.

  [Commentary] Ke Qinghuang said that in the future, more members will be organized to come to Fujian for exchanges, appreciate the great scenery of rivers and mountains, learn advanced management experience, and share these wonderful experiences with relatives, friends, and business partners in Macau. Land exchanges continue and friendship lasts forever.

  Kening Wu Guanbiao reports from Quanzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】