American singer R. Kelly has allegedly bribed a government official to gain information about his legal troubles.

This is stated in court documents recently filed by federal prosecutors.

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According to federal authorities, the singer wanted the court clerk to inform him about potential legal problems after the release of the



documentary series

Surviving R. Kelly.

The series details allegations of sexual assault against the singer.

Kelly's crisis manager allegedly paid the clerk $2,500 and gave them a prepaid smartphone. The clerk would use the phone to contact Kelly's manager, without the communication being able to lead to his personal or work equipment. After paying the clerk, the crisis manager is said to have contacted Kelly and told him, "It's done. You don't know anything." The singer, known for hits such as

I Believe I Can Fly


Down Low, is

said to have answered "Exactly" according to court documents. Legal authorities say they gathered information about the alleged bribery by examining Kelly's phone.

Kelly has been in custody in Brooklyn since his arrest in July 2019. He is charged in Illinois with child pornography and obstruction of justice. In March 2020, a new charge was filed against the singer in New York. In it, six women accuse him of abuse. Recently, new evidence was added consisting of the testimonies of twenty anonymous women and two anonymous men.