How difficult it is to draw a line over ten years of history.

Arrived in 2011 on RMC, Mohamed Bouhafsi said his farewell to the radio station this Friday.

At the start of the school year, the journalist will officiate in the public service, first on France 5 where he will be a columnist for

C à Vous

then on France 2 where he will speak in


, the new political program of the channel.

In a long message posted on Twitter at the beginning of July, Mohamed Bouhafsi explained his choice and thanked his playmates. Three weeks later, the journalist's farewell to the listeners was made in emotion.

“I spent 3,655 wonderful days on RMC.

It is the most beautiful of houses.

It's an incredible house that gave me a lot of things, ”he began his speech sobbing.

🗣️💬 "I had an amazing 3665 days on RMC. It is the most beautiful house. Thanks to all listeners and viewers. It is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life."

The last words of @mohamedbouhafsi, moved, on the air at RMC.

Thank you and #CiaoMomo

- RMC Sport (@RMCsport) July 23, 2021

An ode to public love

“I came in as an auditor here.

I came home as a child and a teenager, and I'm leaving as a man, the reporter continued.

I say thank you again - and this is the most important thing - to the listeners, because they have always been extremely kind to me.

The messages I have been receiving over the past few days, since I made this choice, are fantastic.

It's very hard for me to explain it but I worked, I lived for the listeners because it is the most important thing.

And their love has been very important to me.


During this program full of surprises, Mohamed Bouhafsi received a host of messages from his friends and also received a visit from his mother on the set.

A moment which (again) drew the tears of the new recruit of France Televisions and the other speakers in the studio.


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