The contact tracing carried out by the ARS made it possible to highlight a chain of Covid-19 contamination among the customers of a nightclub in downtown Lille, who visited the establishment around July 14. .

Seventy-eight "cases of covid" were "identified" among people who attended a nightclub in downtown Lille around July 14, according to "contact tracing" carried out by the health authorities, who are calling on other customers to check in. get tested.

"The contact tracing carried out by the health insurance and the ARS from the 6 cases initially declared thus highlighted a rapid chain of contamination, considering both the large number of people who participated in these evenings and the festive context. inherent in this type of establishment, "reports the Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency in a press release.

"The current screening reveals a mutation suggestive of the Delta variant" according to the press release. 

"The importance of ventilation of the premises"

"The registration of the identity and the telephone number of the customers" of the Room, between July 13 and 17, taken by the management of the discotheque "allows the Health Insurance to continue the contact tracing", adds the ARS, which "strongly urges" all customers to "limit their social interactions while awaiting the results" of a test.

All those who tested positive were "invited to strict isolation for 10 days".

The ARS "notably reminds the operators of festive places of the importance of ventilation of the premises".