China News Service, Ningbo, July 24th, title: What's seen and heard on the front line of the Zhejiang Anti-Taiwan Defense: "Thousand Sails" returned to Hong Kong and transferred to Hong Kong

  Author Lin Bo Xiang Jing

  This year's No. 6 typhoon "Fireworks" (typhoon-level) is approaching the coast of Zhejiang violently. It is most likely to make landfall along the coast from Zhoushan to Sanmen Bay from the afternoon to the night of the 25th.

On the 24th, a front report team of five people sent by China News Agency drove from Hangzhou, Zhejiang to Xiangshan, Ningbo, to hit the "first scene" before the "fireworks" landed.

  When the reporter drove at 15:00 on the 24th, the wind and rain hit the window. As the reporter moved forward slowly, the wind and rain heavier became closer to Xiangshan. When passing the bridge, the vehicle body shook obviously due to the strong cross wind.

  The dark clouds weighed down on the city, and the ship docked.

As the "fireworks" approached step by step, when the reporter arrived at the sheltered anchorage of Chongzhan Port in Xiangshan County, it was in heavy wind and heavy rain.

At the scene, steel fishing vessels were connected end to end, and nearly 700 ships docked neatly.

  "The design of Chongzhan Port has a wind resistance of over 12 and a maximum wind resistance of 17." Xu Jintao, deputy squadron leader of the fourth squadron of the Xiangshan County Ocean and Fishery Law Enforcement Team, said in an interview that the local area has reinforced the infrastructure such as wharf bollards. There are also emergency evacuation channels for fishermen along the route.

  In the evening, some power supply staff were inspecting the power supply lines at Chongzhan Port, assisting the "Boss" to inspect the operation of the ship's electrical equipment and self-provided emergency power supply.

State Grid Zhejiang Xiangshan County Power Supply Co., Ltd. Xinqiao Power Supply Service Team Leader Zhu Xianfeng introduced that the local area had also rebuilt the iron tower project to improve the reliability of the power supply line.

  On the other side of Shipu Port, "fireworks" carry wind and rain, and landscape trees sway in the wind and rain. Shipu Port, which was full of fishing boats in the past, seems a bit empty.

The reporter learned that as of 15:00 on the 24th, 2827 fishing boats in Xiangshan County entered safe waters to take shelter from the wind, and all 12 passenger routes in the county have been suspended.

  In the Yanchang Primary School in Shipu Town, workers transferred from nearby construction sites are taking shelter from the wind.

Lin Huijian, the principal of Yanchang Primary School, said that the school has 30 classrooms with a maximum capacity of more than 600 people. "We have arranged for teachers and staff to do a good job of service."

  According to Shi Yan, a staff member of the Shipu Township Government, the town has opened 7 resettlement sites to accept workers and villagers. “Every resettlement site has people on duty 24 hours a day, trying to ensure the basic daily needs of the transferred people.” As of 9 o'clock on the same day, Xiangshan The county has transferred 18042 people.

  On the same day, Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City both upgraded their typhoon-prevention emergency response to Level I. According to the latest news from the Zhejiang Meteorological Service Center, the "firework" has landed ashore. With the countdown to the landing of the typhoon, the coastal area of ​​Zhejiang is ready to fight the "Typhoon Defense War". (Finish)