Some school activities are rich

Some let you do a day's homework

Reporters visit the current situation of summer custody services

  ● This year, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places have successively launched summer custody services.

For this reason, many streets and schools that undertake the hosting services have made sufficient preparations and provided a variety of activities during the hosting period.

At the same time, some schools are still exploring and improving

  ● Summer custody is a convenient and beneficial service for the people. It is also clear that parents choose voluntarily in various places to serve families in real need. Therefore, everyone should treat the hot and cold registration with an ordinary mind. Parents should not rely too much on summer custody. Summer custody is the most important thing. The basic role is nursing care. Students’ summer life should not be completely entrusted to the custody class. Parents should play a role to accompany their children’s growth.

  ● Summer custody starts from meeting the needs of some parents, and solves the problem of "difficulty in nursing care" for young students during summer vacation.

But it cannot be satisfied with this, but needs to target the healthy growth of students, and also needs to plan, implement, select and request hosting services based on this standard

  □ The reporter's trainee reporter Zhang Shoukun

  □ Our reporter Wen Lijuan

  For the fifth grade primary school, this year’s summer vacation is undoubtedly a bit special—on the morning of July 19, he and 52 other students came to the primary school affiliated to the Capital University of Economics and Business to start a day of vacation life.

  This is also the first day that the Beijing student summer custody service was launched.

According to the "Notice on Supporting the Exploration and Development of Summer Custody Services" recently issued by the Ministry of Education, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has responded positively and requested the district Education Commission to organize summer custody services for primary school students from grades 1 to 5.

  In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and other places have also launched summer custody services.

  Up to now, the Beijing summer custody service has been launched for nearly a week, and in some places it has been launched for more than half a month.

How about the implementation of summer custody service?

What do teachers, parents and students think about this?

How can the hosting service be better?

With these questions in mind, reporters from the Rule of Law Daily visited many schools in Beijing and Shanghai for on-site visits.

The level of service is instantaneous

The number of applicants is mixed

  Although he has to report to school during the summer vacation, Cheng Cheng feels good and thinks it is "interesting and interesting".

He told reporters that in the past few days, the school has divided the students under trusteeship into several groups. The activities of the day include physical education, music appreciation, nature lessons, and expansion games, which are very fulfilling. Moreover, the summer homework has been done on time. It used to be delayed until a few days before the start of school before writing in a hurry.

  The teacher from the First Economic and Trade Primary School said that during the hosting service, the school will organize activities such as insect interest enlightenment, music appreciation, English songs, various chess games, as well as opening the library, playing patriotic films, etc., so that students can spend some time. A fulfilling and happy summer vacation.

  At 2 pm on July 16, the reporter walked into the Party and Mass Service Center in Caohejing Street, Shanghai, and bursts of laughter came. It turned out that a fun children's drama "Bacteria Contest" was being staged here and was on stage. The next interaction makes the children happy.

Hualu, a staff member of the Caohejing Street Federation of Trade Unions, told reporters that these children who watched the children's drama are students in the 2021 Caohejing Street Love Summer Nursery School.

  Han Yongsheng, the principal of the Love Summer Nursery School, said that this summer nursery school has set up nearly 60 courses around history and humanities, hand-made, traditional culture, popular science knowledge, and puzzle games. The courses and teachers are all from the street or the city. Relevant departments are equipped with professional actors and teachers, such as drama and dance.

  During the interview, the reporter learned that many streets and schools that undertake custody services have made sufficient preparations and provided a variety of activities during the custody period.

At the same time, some schools are still exploring and improving.

  When reporters interviewed many parents at the entrance of a school in Beijing, parents generally reported that their children did homework for a day at the school.

In response, the school's teacher responded that because the students are from different schools, the teacher does not know the students' personalities, physical conditions, etc., and they are students of different grades together. For the sake of safety, no other activities are organized.

  At the same time, many Beijing parents questioned during the interview: I didn't expect that there are so few students who signed up for the hosting service. Is it true that everyone does not agree with the hosting service?

  The reporter randomly visited 10 schools in Beijing that undertook the first phase of the custody service and found that the custody is indeed not as popular as expected. Most schools have more than 10 to 20 people, and only 3 schools have more than 30 people.

  At around 5 pm on July 21, the reporter came to a primary school outside the Second Ring Road of Xicheng in Beijing and found that there were only three parents waiting to pick up their children from school at the door.

When asked, only 7 people signed up for the summer care class of this elementary school, and only 4 students from our school signed up.

  There are many reasons for not participating in the custody, some are that someone is taking care of the child during the summer vacation, some are going to travel during the summer vacation, or the child has been enrolled in a training class before, there is a conflict in time, and some are worried about letting the child go to a relatively unfamiliar environment for custody, or worry about the custody It is to let the children sit in the classroom to do their homework, and do not want them to spend a boring summer vacation.

  In the view of Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, summer custody is a service that benefits the people. It is also clear that parents choose voluntarily to serve families in need, so everyone should treat the hot and cold registration with a calm mind; Parents should not rely too much on summer care. The most basic role of summer care is to care. Students' summer life should not be completely entrusted to the care class. Parents should play a role and accompany their children to grow up.

Relying on multiple social resources

Rich and secure courses

  As Chu Zhaohui and some of the parents interviewed said, summer care is for families in real need, such as dual-income families, which can solve a major problem for them.

Therefore, there is no need to over-see the number of applicants.

  In fact, many places have explored summer hosting services before, and the participation rate has not been high.

In recent years, Shanghai has an average of 30,000 people participating in custody classes each year. In 2019, the number of primary school students in Shanghai reached 826,300.

  However, this year the 80 places in the love summer nursery school in Caohejing Street were emptied.

"This summer nursery school lasts 6 weeks, and the fee is 200 yuan per week. It is divided into large and small classes according to grades, with 40 students in each class. Parents and children are very enthusiastic, and the online registration starts within 50 seconds. It was robbed." Hua Lu introduced quite proudly.

  What's the reason?

  In Han Yongsheng's view, the professional organizers and the rich and targeted activities are important reasons why the love summer nursery school is so popular with parents and students.

Han Yongsheng is a second-year graduate student of the School of Humanities of Shanghai Normal University. This year is the fifth year that the School of Humanities of Shanghai Normal University has undertaken the love summer nursery school and the fourth year that he has participated in the summer nursery school.

  He told reporters that each class of this summer nursery school will be equipped with 5 college student volunteers and two high school student volunteers. In addition, the street will coordinate and send two young social workers to each of the two classes to form a "5+2+1" work team. The model fully guarantees the voluntary strength and endogenous motivation of the summer nursery school.

  "The smooth development of the summer nursery school is also inseparable from the support of the government and other relevant departments." Hualu said frankly that in order to allow the children to have the largest learning and activity space, the street will use the entire fourth floor for the love summer nursery school. Two classrooms, one activity room, one volunteer lounge, and one temporary observation room.

  In addition, relevant units within the jurisdiction, such as the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the Environmental Research Institute, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, have also actively participated and contributed various courses and activities with rich connotations, taking into account the knowledge and interest.

  Parents are especially concerned about safety issues when carrying out custody services.

  The reporter saw at the Party and Mass Service Center in Caohejing Street that a separate temporary observation room was set up in the teaching area, and each classroom was equipped with medical masks, disinfectants, temperature measuring guns and other materials and equipment. Students need to register for temperature measurement twice a day , And set up one person to maintain a safe distance.

  It is understood that all college student volunteers recruited this time have completed the new crown virus vaccination, and the high school student volunteers have completed the 14-day self-health observation.

In addition to epidemic prevention and safety, there are two security guards outside the classroom on patrols throughout the entire process, and the nearby police station also arranges police patrols in the morning and evening when they leave school.

  The reporter also noticed a detail. All sharp points such as columns, door handles, and cabinets in the teaching and activity areas have all been edged.

Han Yongsheng said that they have also formulated an emergency management plan and clarified the person in charge to ensure that children will not have accidents here.

  The success of the love summer nursery school in Caohejing Street is not a day's work.

  Han Yongsheng recalled that at the beginning, it was difficult to start and explore step by step.

"Now that it is so good, it is inseparable from the strong support of the local government. This year, the city's league organizations, youth volunteer service teams, and social organizations in Shanghai provided more than 80,000 class hours of public welfare courses for the summer nursery school, and the Shanghai level also delivered uniformly. Volunteers and teachers' subsidies are paid on time for the five major categories of courses in morality, intelligence, physical education, beauty, and labor. The teachers put their minds on the children."

Solve teachers' worries

Improve the quality of hosting services

  Let the children have a happy, safe and meaningful summer vacation is the ultimate goal of summer care.

Parents also have high hopes for summer care.

  "I have seen public information saying that Beijing summer custody services mainly include providing learning places, opening libraries, reading rooms, organizing sports activities, etc. I hope that the school will organize more interesting activities under the premise of ensuring safety. There are sports activities every day to let the children spend a good summer vacation." Ms. Zhang, a parent of a fourth-grade student in Beijing, told reporters when picking up the children at the school gate.

  Seeing that many places implement summer care services, Yue Ke, the parent of a second-year primary school student in Hedong District, Tianjin, is envious. Because he is a dual-worker, he asked his father to take the child back to his hometown just after the summer vacation.

"I hope Tianjin can follow up as soon as possible and provide high-quality summer custody services."

  Teachers are one of the key factors for doing a good job in summer care and improving service quality.

  Under a related news item released by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission’s official government affairs account “Capital Education”, the comment with the most likes wrote: “Also consider the intensity of the teachers’ work. A semester is already very hard. If you don’t take a break, the parents will feel at ease, and the teacher is too tired!"

  The reporter learned from the investigation that when summer trusteeship is carried out, teachers in some places often arrive at school at 7 o'clock in the morning, and the daily subsidy is only tens of yuan. Not only is it very hard for people, but it may also affect their own studies and advanced studies.

  To solve this problem, the Ministry of Education clearly stipulated in the notice that teachers should adhere to the principle of voluntariness when participating in summer trust services.

On July 13, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to reiterate that the summer trusteeship should follow the principle of teacher voluntariness, coordinate and rationally arrange the time for teachers to participate in the trusteeship service, protect the rights and interests of teachers in accordance with the law, and protect teachers' necessary rest time during summer vacation and participation in summer teaching and research. Training time.

  At the same time, relevant safeguard measures have been introduced in many places.

  Foshan, Guangdong, fully mobilized all parties and entrusted a third-party service organization to participate in summer custody services by recruiting on-the-job teachers, retired faculty, parent volunteers and professionally-skilled college student volunteers to encourage and support faculty and staff to complete their normal duties in accordance with quality and quantity. Under the premise of work assignment, volunteer to participate in summer custody service work.

  Shandong Zibo makes the most of the venue, allowing students to study in the library, skip rope in the gymnasium, and watch classic red movies in the classroom.

The “Qixiao Tuan” summer school organized by the Communist Youth League Committee focuses on building a building school in office buildings where office workers are relatively concentrated, so as to realize “Parents work at ease upstairs and children are happy to take care of them downstairs”.

  In 2021, the Henan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions will take the construction of the union's love trusteeship class as an important part of "I do practical things for the masses" and include them as one of the "ten practical things" that the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions has highlighted this year. The next step is to mobilize 500 grassroots units. Participated in the summer caring care service and helped 20,000 employee families solve the problem of unattended children during summer vacation.

  In the summer custody classes organized by Beijing elementary schools, basically a school only organizes a 12-day custody service without weekends.

Chu Zhaohui said: "The summer custody class organized by the school did not cover the entire vacation and did not fully spread the coverage. To a certain extent, it also took into account the affordability of the school and the teachers."

  It is understood that Beijing has proposed to implement a flexible working system and does not require teachers to sit in classes.

  Chu Zhaohui believes that summer custody starts from meeting the needs of some parents, and solves the problem of "difficulty in nursing care" for young students during summer vacation.

But it cannot be satisfied with this. Instead, it is necessary to target the healthy growth of students, and it is also necessary to plan, implement, select and request custody services based on this standard.

  “Vacation is an important part of the growth of minors and a rare window of time for the development of autonomy. It needs to achieve growth goals in a completely different way from the semester. The hosting service needs to attach great importance to this growth opportunity and arrange for students to learn independently and independently. Manage, obtain more effective growth in the way you like, find your own position in order to discover your own advantages and potential, discover the problems that society needs to solve and assume responsibilities, and lay the foundation and find a path to become the best you." Zhaohui said.