This month, the Ministry of the Environment conducted an ecological survey with experts on Nishinoshima Island in the Ogasawara Islands for the first time in two years, confirming the breeding of seabirds and the existence of creatures that may be new species.

On Nishinoshima, about 130 km west of Chichijima in the Ogasawara Islands, active eruptive activity began eight years ago, and the Ministry of the Environment landed and conducted an ecological survey after the activity had subsided.

After that, eruptive activity became active again, and the entire island was covered with lava and volcanic ash, so a survey was conducted this month for the first time in two years to reconfirm the impact on the ecosystem.

A drone was used for the survey, and in the video taken from the sky, you can see the gray island and the whitish eruption rising in the crater.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, this survey confirmed the breeding of five species of seabirds such as "gannets" on land.

On the other hand, the plant could not be confirmed.

In addition, when the surrounding seabed was investigated using a robot, a group of "bryozoa" that could be a new species was found.

The Ministry of the Environment will conduct a field survey in September to investigate the changes in the ecosystem of Nishinoshima in detail.