On July 22, China's Aneng Chongqing Rescue Base (Chongqing Disaster Accident Project Rescue Team) arrived at the mission area after thousands of miles of aid, and immediately launched rescue work in response to the accumulation of water in the tunnel at the junction of Jingguang Road, Zhengzhou City.

After using the two "Dragons" to work for more than 5 hours, the rescue team has pumped more than 12,000 cubic meters of water at the navigation junction of Jingguang Road, and the water level in the area has dropped significantly.

  It is understood that the "Dragon Suction" emergency drainage rescue vehicle is an important equipment for urban drainage. Due to its large working range, large flow, and flexibility, it is suitable for urban roads, highways, tunnels, areas without power supply, and fire emergency water supply for flood prevention and disaster relief. .

Especially in the process of flood prevention and disaster relief, its excellent drainage capacity can remove floods in special areas in a short time, and it is a magical tool for controlling urban waterlogging.

(The video of Jia Nan Li Ming comes from China Aneng Chongqing Rescue Base)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]