The Olympic torch relay, which started in March and has traveled all over the country, is holding an ignition ceremony at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the 23rd of the last day.

The Olympic torch relay started in Fukushima Prefecture on March 25th and traveled all over the country, and then started in the host city of Tokyo on March 9th. Implementation has been cancelled.

The final day of the torch relay in Tokyo is the 23rd, when the tournament begins, and an ignition ceremony is being held by runners who were planning to run in Shinjuku Ward in the open space in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.

Participation was limited to those involved to prevent the spread of the infection, and the runners posed in their own way with a "torch kiss" that connects the torch with a torch.

After the ceremony, the torch will be transferred to a lantern and taken to the National Stadium, where the torch will be ignited at the opening ceremony starting at 8 o'clock tonight.

Voices of protest around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Opponents of the Olympic Games are protesting around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, where the torch relay ceremony is held.

Around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, an off-limits area has been set up from the morning of the 23rd, and security is being carried out by police and others.

Opponents of the Olympics were just outside the exclusion zone, holding up a placard saying "against the Tokyo Olympics" and saying "protect your life".