You are very tired from the heat wave, but for the time being, the sweltering heat and tropical nights will continue.

As you can see, a heat wave warning is in effect for all areas except for some parts of the east and a very small part of Jeju, and a heat wave warning is issued for the entire metropolitan area including Seoul.

In particular, a heat wave warning is in effect in most of the west, so you should take care of your health in the midday of strong UV rays.

Most of the country is currently cloudy or partly cloudy.

This morning (24th), you need to be careful about fog all over the inland.

Up to 40mm of showers can fall today in the inland and mountainous areas of Gangwon. There is no need to worry about fine dust, but you need to be careful about ozone everywhere.

As the tropical night continued overnight, the temperature did not drop, and Seoul and Daejeon are currently at 26.9 degrees and 26.3 degrees.

Today's daytime temperature is expected to soar to 37 degrees in Seoul and Chuncheon, 36 degrees in Jeonju and Gwangju, 33 degrees in Daegu and 32 degrees in Busan.

It will rain in Jeju tomorrow.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)