The "universal" takeaway boy wandered the water again and again to help people cross the road

  Starting on July 17, Zhengzhou suffered extremely heavy rainfall, and the rainfall in three days was equivalent to that of the previous year.

Floods flooded into communities, hospitals, and subways. Many people were besieged and their way home was blocked.

  In the rainstorm, there was a "omnipotent" takeaway boy who risked being washed away by the water, back and forth again and again, pulling everyone to a safe zone.

  On July 20, at the peak of get off work hours, the heavy rain was torrential. Ms. Duan, who was working at the China Resources Building on Minggong Road, Zhengzhou, and a few female colleagues were preparing to go home from get off work. Only when they went downstairs did they find that the hall was crowded with people and the road was covered. The flood was so bad that the water was waist-deep and couldn't make it through.

  “I heard that someone just rushed into the water and was almost washed away. Fortunately, they were caught by a good-hearted person and rescued.” Ms. Duan said, seeing the rain getting worse and worse, there was no hope of going home. Several colleagues discussed it. Decided to spend the night in a hotel across the road.

  "It's too scary, everyone dare not go there!" Ms. Duan retracted her foot that was in the water.

The group discussed forming a wall of people to cross the road, arm in arm, but no one dared to be the first to go down.

  At this time, a takeaway boy waded over from the other side of the road. When the water was very fast, everyone was sweating for him.

  "He was soaked all over at the time, and he may have been soaking in the water for a long time." Ms. Duan recalled that the takeaway boy was very young, estimated to be less than 30 years old.

  "Will you go? Hurry up and take me, I'll take you there!" The takeaway boy shouted to the group.

In this way, everyone arm in arm, dragged each other tightly, safely to the opposite side of the road.

  After delivering the group of people, the takeaway brother didn't stop because of this. He wandered alone to the opposite side, going back and forth several times, leading everyone across the road again and again.

  Ms. Duan and the people around us all pulled the takeaway boy and persuaded him not to go into the water. The takeaway boy turned around and smiled and said, "I'm the omnipotent takeaway boy, it's okay." Then, she didn't hesitate to continue taking everyone through. road.

  Several men were also led by the takeaway brother to join the team to help "transport" the trapped people across the road. The whole process lasted an hour or two.

  "At that time, I almost couldn't help crying. I was so touched. In the face of this disaster, before the professional strength arrived, everyone was in a state of panic. Such a stranger took the initiative to stand up. Risking your life to help everyone." Ms. Duan said that she wanted to leave the contact information of the takeaway boy, but the situation was urgent at the time, and the mobile phone was out of power and signal. The takeaway boy was also busy pulling people, so she did not leave contact details.

"Afterwards, I really want to thank this takeaway guy in person!"

  On the evening of the 20th, Ms. Duan, like many Zhengzhou citizens, had no sleep all night.

She said that many reservoirs around Zhengzhou released floods that night, and the Meteorological Observatory also kept sending text messages to remind everyone not to fall asleep, but to be alert at all times and spend the night in this highly anxious and nervous state.

  Before the flood, Ms. Duan said that she saw many lovely people.

The hotel she was staying in was full of people, and the corridors and halls were full of people hiding from the rain. In this case, the hotel owner did not raise the price, but lowered the price, and everyone is welcome to escape.

  "There was a friend who was washed away by the flood, but was quickly rescued." Ms. Duan kept telling the thrills and touches she had experienced.

  West China Metropolis Daily-Cover News Reporter Zhong Xiaolu