Yasmine Abdel Aziz punishes Menna Fadali from the intensive care unit

“I don’t know Yasmine Abdel Aziz,” the Egyptian actress, Menna Fadali, did not expect to be exposed to this large wave of attack and widespread bullying on social media platforms because of this sentence, after a statement she said was “spontaneous,” while Yasmine Abdel Aziz was in intensive care.

Menna Fadali tried in various ways to clarify what she said, in which she meant, "Yasmine Abdelaziz is a colleague of hers in the artistic community, but they do not have a friendship relationship."

Fadali, defending herself through her Facebook account, wrote: "To clarify to all people, when I wrote I did not know Yasmine... I mean, I did not know her personal knowledge... Who does not know Yasmine?

I do not understand.. I wish there was a mind, guys, and not really friends of Aiwa.”

She added, "I said colleagues, what is wrong with my words, I do not understand?

Why has the world turned? .. One writes something to say, “We are torn and trended, and we are ashamed.” Why do you not insult us, why is that? Why? .. In general, I am not the one who made a mistake in expressing the opposite.

It is reported that the artist Yasmine Abdelaziz underwent a surgical operation to remove a fibroid from the uterus, and despite the normality of the operation, a medical error occurred, which necessitated her transfer to intensive care for several days after she fell into a coma.

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