"Who knows the dangers of the ages, when I look back, I only see a pill of mud."

A hundred years ago, the unwilling Lin Zexu left this famous poem when passing by Jiayuguan Pass. Today, when we climb the tower again, we no longer see the wolves and flames of the past, leaving only the majestic Guancheng here. Standing, facing Qilian Snow Mountain far away.

  Jiayuguan Pass, known as the "No. 1 Pass in the World", is the end of the world-famous Great Wall. It has been a battleground for military in all dynasties. Today, Guancheng is also the first stop when you come to Jiayuguan.

How do you play in Guancheng? Let's take a look at how many steps are taken to check in "The No. 1 Pass in the World"?

  How many tens of thousands of troops can be garrisoned in the ancient Guancheng?

What is the meaning of "open wall and dark wall" that is as infallible?

Let's listen to the instructor sister carefully~

  There are many legends and stories in the world, which has been standing for thousands of years. Among them, "Dingcheng Brick" and "Strike Stone Yanming" are the most famous.

  Go to the city wall to listen to the poignant legends thousands of years ago; go to the best photo spot and take a photo with the ancient Guancheng; eat a strawberry-flavored Guancheng Wenchuang ice cream; finally get a "passport for customs clearance" at the gate of the city .

  Reporter Gao Ying Li Yalong reports from Jiayuguan, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]