• The 6th and last episode of


    broke audience records on the Disney + platform.

  • The series will be entitled to a season 2.

  • Marvel, "The One Who Remains", the Citadel of the end of time, the duo formed by Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson ... 

    20 Minutes

    took stock with director Kate Herron

No post-credits sequence, but good news for God of Mischief fans has crept into the credits of the final episode! The



 has already been renewed by Disney + for a season 2, after a salvo of six crazy episodes carried by an impeccable tandem formed by Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, who broke audience records on the platform with big ears.

20 Minutes

debriefed this first season during a virtual roundtable with director Kate Herron.

Now that the finale is available, Kate Herron can finally breathe, “I'm glad there weren't any spoilers, that was my concern given that there's the intro in the finale of 'The One who stays".

It's a miracle that it went well.

I kept saying, "Make sure there are no leaks!"

Because - what an honor!

- what happens in our series has a major impact on the entire MCU, with the multiverse now official.

The director appreciated the enthusiasm of the fans: "But it was great to see all the reactions from the fans, their weekly anticipation around the world and the displays of love for the series.

It was a real treat!


"I love working with Kevin Feige"

The director doesn't rule out the possibility of working in the Marvel Universe again: “I would love to work with them again, it was a fantastic experience.

I love working with Kevin Feige.


Proof of the confidence that Kate Herron gives to the director of Marvel Studios, the latter entrusts him with choosing which character she could work on again: “Kevin Feige is my Keeper of Time, and he will let me know in due course.

I love Marvel movies and am very happy to have participated in



In the future, I would love to work with them, it would be a dream.


"Tom Hiddleston lifts his spirits when he arrives on the set"

The director is full of praise for Tom Hiddleston.

“He's a generous actor,” she says.

"Even during the writing phase, Tom and I were in contact, because, and it's the funniest thing, he also had to immerse himself in a performance he had done several years ago" , she says.

As executive producer of the series, “he was very involved in the discussions on the story, in addition to being an important support on the set in a difficult production period in full Covid: he is the one who goes back morale when he arrives on the set, always gives the best of himself and gives confidence.

"And to add:" His presence and his way of doing things have allowed the team to remain united and I will always be grateful to him.


"Honestly, Owen is amazing"

Same story when she mentions Owen Wilson.

“I appreciated that he wanted to do something different from his traditional canons.

Also from a physical point of view, he changed his hair, we put on a mustache and chose different clothes and that allowed him to experiment and start from scratch to build something new ”, relates. it.

And to continue: "Honestly, Owen is amazing, so you have to give him a chance to play and give him the limits of the sandbox, and then he will play inside and throw lots of improvisations and funny lines. .


On the set, the director was amused by the rapprochement between these two actors, who a priori everything opposes.

“Owen's journey began with independent films, like Bottle Rocket.

On the other hand, Tom has a classical background as a Shakespearean actor.

I think that's what makes the magic between them, because their energies are so different, that's why they complement each other so well.


"I have always thought of these six episodes as a complete story"

Despite this enthusiasm, Kate Herron, however, decided not to direct the next season.

“We started talking about season 2 when I was supervising season 1. In my mind, I always thought of these six episodes as a complete story.

I know there are questions that need to be answered, but I am proud of the work that has been done.


And to continue: “there are other things that are close to my heart and on which I would like to work.

I am also a screenwriter and I would like to write what I will do next, ”she explained.

And to add: "I am glad that they continue to produce the series and I can't wait to know how the story will continue.


"This ability to survive is the very essence of 'Loki'"

At the launch of Loki, Tom Hiddleston explained that the series would provide a better understanding of "What makes Loki, Loki?" ". The series kept its promises and we met several "variants" of the God of Malice, like Sylvie, played by Sophia DiMartino or this older Loki, played by Richard E. Grant. "Independence, authority and style" are the first words that characterize Loki according to Kate Herron. “He has a sense of playfulness mixed with a feeling of pain. All Lokis feel excluded, have the impression of being underdogs. "

According to the director, “the key aspect of Loki is that he always survives.

It was a fundamental element for me and I wanted to show it in the sixth episode, when he is overwhelmed with suffering, but he can find in himself the strength to fight and make it happen.

I think this ability to survive is the very essence of the character ”.

No question for Kate Herron to choose a favorite among the "variants" of the God of Malice.

“I have the feeling, strangely, that they are all my children.

Maybe my preference goes to this strange family they make.

I would love to see them together in a sitcom ”.

The Wizard of Oz

 was a key reference for us"

This first season is teeming with movie references, and those who saw the 1939 Disney classic,

The Wizard of Oz

, by Victor Fleming may have noticed the resemblance between the End Times Citadel and the Wizard's Castle.

The Wizard of Oz

was a key reference for us, especially because we have this moment in the fourth episode where the Keepers of Time rebel because they are unreal.

It also goes through the voices of the Keepers of Time, the Citadel.

These allusions are not accidental, but very deliberate, ”confirms Kate Herron.

"The series ends as it started"

Quite unusual for a production, season 1 does not end with a riot of action scenes.

“From the start, we told ourselves that the 5th episode would be a great show, with the fight with the monster and that the 6th would be different.

While working on the editing, and seeing the scenes come to life, we realized that we didn't need a lot of action and that this episode could be a long conversation.

It works, because Jonathan Majors is so charismatic that you just want to listen to him.

This is the key element.

And then, I like that the series ends as it started with a long discussion, ”she concludes.


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