On the evening of July 21, police officer Ye Shengqi had dinner with his wife and colleagues on the second floor of a restaurant in Langya Town, Jinhua, Zhejiang.

Halfway through the meal, they suddenly heard someone calling for help. They followed the sound and saw three women standing by the river, another man swimming in the river, and someone shouting.

  Ye Shengqi judged it, and it seemed to be true, so he rushed down hurriedly.

To prevent accidents, his wife Chen Xiaoshuang stood on the second floor and took a video.

In the video, her husband and colleagues quickly stepped over the roadside railings, rushed directly onto the dam and quickly jumped into the river.

  According to Zhu Rui, the restaurant owner who was on the scene, after he heard someone calling for help, he hurriedly took a swimming ring from home because of his poor water level. "Unexpectedly, the two customers in the store rushed out to save people. "After they jumped into the water, they skilfully lifted the head of the person who fell into the water and pushed the person who fell into the water to the shore. The whole process was very fast, and the person who fell into the water was rescued ashore safely.

  It is understood that the rescuers were the policeman Ye Shengqi and the policeman Xu Zhijie of the Lanxi Public Security Bureau.

According to Xu Zhijie, after get off work that day, the two agreed to swim in the nearby river, and then waited for Ye Shengqi's wife to have dinner together after get off work.

The two heroic deeds of saving people that day were also praised in the circle of friends.

  Hu Xiaojun

  Video source Jinhua Public Security

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]