Tokyo Olympics Complex thoughts from Osaka July 22 15:50

The Tokyo Olympics, where the opening ceremony will be held on July 23.

The event will be held with many people having mixed feelings about the situation where the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection cannot be stopped.

Even in Osaka, which is 400 kilometers west of the host city of Tokyo, each and every one of us has various thoughts about the Olympics.

I heard the "real intention" of the Tokyo Olympics seen from Osaka.

(Osaka base broadcasting station coverage group)

I wanted to make Tsutenkaku "golden" ...

“If a Japanese player won the gold medal, it was supposed to be golden,”

says Takamitsu Takai, president of the operating company of Osaka's symbol Tsutenkaku.

During the Olympics, the tower was lit up in five colors, and if a Japanese player won a gold medal, he was planning to make it gold.

When it came to the medal rush, Tsutenkaku, which was dyed in gold almost every day, should have been seen ...

However, the president decided to cancel the Olympics when the infection of the new corona did not subside.

President Takamitsu Takai, president of Tsutenkaku's operating company

"I wanted to make it a symbol that expresses the excitement of the whole of Japan from Osaka, but while there are opinions that are opposite to the opinion that it will be held, which opinion is correct? I couldn't give an answer. I decided to refrain from lighting up now, so I canceled this time. "

Isn't it going to be the "Tokyo Olympics without winners"?

Tsutenkaku, which had been closed to the observatory until the end of June due to a state of emergency.

In the city of Shinsekai, there are many stores with the shutter down due to requests to shorten business hours and liquor service hours.

Mr. Takai uses the term "Olympic Games without winners" to describe the Olympics that begin in such a situation.

Now, President Takai is praying to Mr. Billiken of Tsutenkaku for the earliest possible revival of the restaurant and tourism industry.

President Takamitsu Takai

"The tourism industry is enduring and spending uneasy days. It is the opposite direction to have to hold the Olympics, which is a sports festival. I really want to support and excite, but it is exciting. If people move, the infection may spread. If we do so, our patience will be wasted. It is costly to hold without spectators, and there is a risk of the spread of the infection. I think it will be. "

Medical site in Osaka "Number of infected people rather than number of medals"

The medical field in Osaka faced the crisis of bankruptcy in the 4th wave.

Doctors are also staring at the Olympics with mixed feelings.

Prefectural Nakagawachi Emergency and Critical Care Center in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka.

Director Hitoshi Yamamura has been at the forefront of treatment for patients with the new corona since February last year.

Hitoshi Yamamura, Director of the Prefectural Nakagawachi Emergency and Critical Care Center

"I think it would be fun if Corona calms down to some extent, but in the current situation, the number of positive corona patients, the number of severely ill patients, and the number of deaths are higher than the number of Japanese medals. I'm curious "

Don't repeat that crisis

Behind the scenes is the experience of the fourth wave in which medical care in Osaka faced a crisis of bankruptcy.

The hospital has treated approximately 180 critically ill patients with the new corona so far.

However, in the fourth wave of Osaka, the operation rate of severely ill beds exceeded 100%, and patients were requested to be transported to this hospital one after another every day.

The reserved corona beds are always full.

I tried to move the person who had recovered even a little to another hospital to vacate the bed, but I was forced to refuse acceptance.

The fourth wave was in a situation contrary to Mr. Yamamura's basic stance of "not refusing the request for acceptance of ambulance transportation".

It is said that there were cases in which cardiopulmonary arrest had already occurred when the patient was taken to the center from home medical treatment or another hospital because he could not receive the necessary treatment at the right time.

I'm afraid that the 5th wave will overlap with the Olympics

Mr. Yamamura strongly feels that such a situation like the 4th wave should never happen again.

I am afraid that the holding of this Olympics may lead to a large spread of infection.

The current situation is that the mutant virus "Delta strain" confirmed in India, which has strong infectivity, has spread to the younger generation, and the number of infected people is expected to increase.

Mr. Yamamura is concerned that the number of seriously ill patients will increase in the future.

Director Hitoshi Yamamura, Director of the Nakagawachi Emergency and Critical Care Center

"If the 5th wave overlaps with the Olympics, of course, an emergency will occur, and if the bed becomes tight in the corona, general medical care may not be possible, so for medical treatment again. It can be a burden. It's a sport, so of course there are many things that will impress and impress if the athletes do their best, but I hope you enjoy it quietly. "

Players who are at the mercy "overlap with me"

This Olympics has various voices regarding the holding of the Games.

Under such circumstances, there are people who are at the mercy of the players and overlap with their own experiences.

This is Mari Shimazu, who was the final runner of the Osaka Torch Relay.

Shimadzu is a former top swimmer butterfly player.

In 1980, Shimadzu, who was 17 at the time, was a strong candidate for the Moscow Olympics.

However, just before the final selection, Japan boycotted participation against the backdrop of the Cold War.

I had no dream of participating in the Olympics.

Shimadzu, who had lost his dream, retired from the competition at the age of 18.

I also kept a distance from my favorite swimming.

Mari Shimazu

"I was sad and painful when I boycotted. I feel like I had sacrificed various things until then. Everyone was crying at that time. At that time, I wanted to get away from swimming. I thought. I didn't want to swim and I didn't want to see swimming. "

This Tokyo Olympics is attracting strict eyes from the people.

Shimadzu cares about the feelings of the players.

Mari Shimazu

"I'm sure the players didn't know where to aim, and I think it was very difficult to motivate and maintain. What should I do when nothing is decided? If you practice while thinking and your feelings shake, it will have an impact on the competition. "

Look at the children practicing earnestly ...

Mr. Shimadzu says that he couldn't see the Olympics that were held after he couldn't participate in the Olympics.

It was the children who gave Shimadzu the opportunity to face the Olympics again.

Shimadzu has been teaching swimming to children with disabilities for four years who want to contribute to society.

It is said that he realized the importance of not giving up his dreams while interacting with children who practiced earnestly.

It has been 41 years since the dreamless Moscow Olympics.

Shimadzu applied for the torchbearer and served as the final runner in Osaka.

Mari Shimazu

"I'm deeply moved to think that the fires I connected will be connected one by one and will soon be built at the National Stadium."

This kind of Olympics will never happen again

The Tokyo Olympics will be held in an unusual way, with most of the games, including the opening ceremony, being unattended.

Shimadzu cheers on the players on the stage.

Mari Shimazu

"I think this is this. I'll never do this kind of Olympics again, so I'd like you to do it with the feeling that you've been to such an Olympics. Everyone has worked hard in the midst of adversity, so that I'm looking forward to the athletes setting various records, and I think many people, not just me, will be encouraged and encouraged. I tell the children that their efforts will not be wasted. I want you to feel it too. "

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Osaka base broadcasting station reporter

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